Elon Musk admits Tesla’s Cybertruck could flop

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, said Thursday that there is always a chance his Cybertruck will fail. He also spoke with Twitter fans.

He also stated that he doesn’t care about the Cybertruck’s failure, as he loves its design.

He said, “To be honest, Cybertruck is likely to fail because it’s so different from any other product.” It doesn’t matter to me. It’s my favorite thing, even though others may not. Cybertruck is unlike other trucks that look identical to it. It seems more like an alien-made truck.

The Cybertruck’s 2019 launch caused controversy due to its unusual design and Musk asking Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla’s design leader, to smash one of the windows. Von Holzhausen used a metal ball to beat one of the windows. Musk was shocked when it broke, but the glass remained in place.

The $100 orders came in despite the launch glitch and uncertainty over when Tesla will deliver the Cybertruck. Musk claimed that the Cybertruck had sold 250,000 units within a week.

Musk revealed that Tesla had received so many Cybertruck orders during the annual shareholder meeting and Battery Day events in September. He said that the charges were huge “… well above half a million. It’s six hundred, I believe – that’s quite a lot. We stopped counting.”

This was before other competitors displayed their plans for traditional battery-powered trucks such as the Ford F-150 Lightning or GMC Hummer EV.

Musk also stated Thursday that Tesla does not plan to add door handles to the Cybertruck. However, he did not specify whether such a vehicle would meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Musk reminded his fans that Tesla would be adding a four-wheel steering system on the Cybertruck. This should allow it to move in a straight line and can get into tight spots.

He said, “In the end, we kept production layout almost identical to show car. There are a few minor tweaks to improve it. There are no handles on the doors. The vehicle recognizes you and opens the door. It’s incredible how all four wheels can steer for tight turning and nimble handling!

The four-wheel steering feature will make the Cybertruck directly competitive with GMC Hummer EV if it is true to its promise.

Musk didn’t comment on the Tesla Cyberquad ATV product, which was supposed to go with the Cybertruck.

Tesla stated that the Cybertruck was still in development during its first-quarter investor presentation.

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