Twitter Ends Fleets 9 Months After Launch

Twitter has removed Fleets just nine months after it launched the stories-like feature.

Nine months after rolling out Fleets to all, witter has decided to give up on Fleets. The company said that the feature did not achieve the results it was supposed to.

On August 3, Fleets will no longer be available on Twitter.

Twitter created Fleets to encourage people to “join in the conversation” with its temporary nature.

The company desired to see an increase in users who sign up and increased activity from existing users.

People who gravitated towards Fleets are already active on Twitter, but this is not the company’s target audience.

Twitter claims that the Fleets experiment was not a complete failure and will use the lessons learned to build a better product.

What did Twitter learn from Fleets?

Twitter finally understood that people love sharing media. Most Fleets contained photos and videos.

Twitter will soon test updates to its tweet composer, which will make it easier for users to share and capture media.

The Fleets camera features will be integrated into the Tweet composer and camera, including the full-screen viewfinder, text formatting, and GIF stickers.

Twitter was able to test full-screen vertical format ads using Fleets. The company can use these insights to help develop future ads products.

What happens after August 3?

It will be replaced by Spaces when Fleets is removed on Twitter on August 3.

Users won’t lose access to any content published via Fleets composer since they were created to vanish after 24 hours.

The company describes Fleets as a speculative feature, but it is worth noting that Twitter users had predicted it would fail long before it was launched.

Although I doubt that many people would have predicted it would last for nine months,

Twitter promises to continue taking risks to build new features that encourage more people to use its services.

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