Meet Tani Dulay: 29 Year Old CEO Developing Innovative Net Zero Carbon Real Estate Project

Real estate developers need to be more creative in their projects as climate change becomes more evident. To combat climate change, developers are developing net-zero carbon projects. These projects have a net energy consumption that is equal to the renewable energy produced locally. Tani Dulay is the C.E.O. of Woodbourne Group. She has been involved in sustainable real-estate development in Birmingham.

Dulay, 29, was raised in Birmingham in an Indian Sikh household.  After launching e-commerce businesses during his childhood, he decided to enroll at Nottingham University to study Computer Science. Although he enjoyed his studies, he was interested in the family’s business line, so he enrolled in a Master of Real Estate.

After spending a year working for another real estate firm, Dulay joined Woodbourne Group’s team in January 2015. Dulay was determined to leave a legacy for the area where his family grew up when he joined Woodbourne Group. Dulay specialized in the development of the business and diversified the company’s activities. He moved away from long-term asset preservation to securing value-add opportunities. Curzon Wharf, a 1m sq. ft masterplan now a landmark in sustainable development throughout the U.K.U.K., has been built by the Group. It is part of a more extensive development portfolio totaling more than PS400m. Curzon Wharf is welcomed by business leaders and environmental leaders, such as M.P.’sM.P.’s and Birmingham City Council’s leader and Mayor.

Curzon Wharf is a bold project by Dulay and his team. They are on a mission to change Birmingham’s landscape and create the most energy-efficient and tallest buildings in the city. According to their ‘2040 Big Vision, Birmingham has experienced tremendous change over the past years, with high-speed rail access via High-Speed Rail 2 (HS2) and many commercial hubs being built. In addition to providing homes for families, the PS360m project will also offer luxury accommodation for students. This will add over 1,000 new jobs in an area of Birmingham that has deep historical roots. Their goal is to create “healthy streets,” where there will be coworking spaces, retail, and an area for life sciences.

Curzon Wharf is due to open soon. In line with the Group’s ambitions and innovation, help local businesses thrive in Birmingham and the U.K., Dulay established Woodbourne Ventures. It will invest in many sectors other than real estate. This Group, which harks back to a passion he had in eCommerce growing up, has invested in three businesses in the U.K.U.K. (including fashion brand EVE&DAY). They hope to use the pioneering spirit and business acumen they have demonstrated in Birmingham’s real estate business sector over the decades to help entrepreneurs succeed while also leaving a legacy for future generations.

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