3 Ways Ambitious Entrepreneurs Are Using AI

You are behind the times if you do not incorporate artificial intelligence into your job in some form.
Even the most sceptical and non-technical entrepreneurs may save time and money by utilizing the available tools, let alone those that are more ambitious with AI and create their own.

Three ways ambitious business people use AI

I surveyed business owners across all sectors on their AI tool usage, and their comments fell into three categories.

3 Ways Ambitious Entrepreneurs Are Using AI
3 Ways Ambitious Entrepreneurs Are Using AI

Content assistance

If your business depends in any way on content, AI might be the copilot you’ve been searching for.
On one end of the AI content spectrum, AI helps with headlines and ideas, and on the other end, AI is given more difficult tasks and makes full texts.These businesses are getting help with planning and getting ready, which gives them more room to be creative.

Steve Vickers, from Routes North, is leveraging artificial intelligence to ease the process of commissioning new articles by utilizing ChatGPT to “produce very comprehensive content requirements for the team of authors composing our Scandinavia trip guide.”
“The tool has assisted me by providing dozens of previously unexplored concepts.”
Vickers advises business owners to “feed ChatGPT with a handful of their current articles so it can acquire a sense of their tone and writing style.”
Then, request that it generate a new brief.
You may also ask it to construct an article’s outline in a straightforward, user-friendly manner so that your authors are completely aware of what they are to provide.
To save time educating freelancers, write a brief for future material using existing content.

Similarly, Alex Goldberg from the product comparison website Fin versus Fin uses Chat GPT to uncover new writing possibilities for SEO, such as to “find new subject clusters, things to review, and overall expedite content creation,” he explained.
It has helped me go from keyword concept to published article much more quickly by saving time on article idea generation and assisting with content brief writing so that my editorial staff can elaborate on each topic.
Goldberg suggests that you “start asking ChatGPT to create all the boilerplate information, and then let humans repackage their words into material that is actually valuable to the reader, taking care to contribute unique ideas as well!”

Laura Rowe from Align Lifestyle is enhancing her time management with AI in order to better serve her clients.
She stated, “I’m utilizing ChatGPT to assist me in generating individualized growth and personal development plans to assist my clients with their attitude and mental wellness so they may improve their mental and physical health as soon as possible following consultation.”
This has enabled me to establish a more balanced workday, acquire additional clients, and boost revenue.
Rowe suggests that entrepreneurs “ask ChatGPT to pretend to be an expert in a certain subject when issuing orders,” adding that “when you ask it to play a specific role, the results are so much more comprehensive and valuable.”

Content development

The next generation of entrepreneurs is probing the limits of what they can outsource to robots.
When the writing is complete, they utilize a variety of technologies to accomplish more with the same content.
This may then be populated in various locations with far less time and effort.

Aysegul Sanford from Foolproof Living uses Notion AI and Jasper to produce compelling social media posts for several platforms.
“These tools allow me to compose multiple engaging social media posts in minutes, which I can then quickly schedule for the future months on various platforms,” she added.
“Since I can now develop and arrange material in a fraction of the time, I no longer need to recruit another employee.”
Sanford advises entrepreneurs to “experiment with several AI technologies and be patient as they develop their own process.”

Using ChatGPT to extract essential lessons from her upcoming book, Double Down on Your Genius, speaker and coach Willo Sana transforms information into social media postings with the assistance of AI.
“It involves selecting the greatest phrases from each chapter and creating a caption for each one,” she explained.
This has enabled me to produce hundreds of social media pieces that are ready to publish in a few minutes!
Sana echoes Sanford’s advice and urges you to begin playing, “even if it’s only to learn different prompts and observe what they can accomplish.
“I’ve been teaching it my writing style, and while it doesn’t always get it right, it’s significantly improved since I began.”

Ray-Mazumder of Prepmedians uses Midjourney to boost social media marketing posts by “generating gorgeous and resonant visuals” that he presents “as green screen backdrops using a TikTok filter within the app’s editing program,” he explained.
This technique has enabled me to improve audience view times, hence fueling the algorithms to raise the post’s impressions, without needing to pay artists or use horrible stock imagery.
Ray-Mazumder encourages entrepreneurs to experiment with Midjourney to generate brand-consistent photos and enhance their social media presence.

Three ways ambitious business people use AI

Research and statistical analysis

The applications of artificial intelligence systems extend well beyond content planning and creation.
Utilized properly, they may save time on research and analysis, freeing up more time to do something with the data.
The days of searching through publications, laborious data input, and complex Excel formulas are long gone.
Instead, important information is supplied to these businesses with a few clicks.

For example, Harry Morton from Lower Street uses AI to stay current on industry news in less than five minutes every day.
“I have designed Zapier and Open AI to identify the leading news sources in our market and consolidate stories into simple bulleted lists, which are then distributed as an automatic daily digest,” he explained.
“Each morning, instead of browsing through newsletters and news feeds, I have a single email that I can read in minutes.”
Then I may go further into the business-relevant stories.”
Morton advises entrepreneurs to “consider all the sources of information you routinely process and utilize no-code AI solutions to become more effective and productive.”

Using different AI market research techniques, Will Green from Poem Analysis is also becoming a more efficient and productive entrepreneur.
“With Hotjar and MonkeyLearn, I can see client feedback in great depth,” he added.
“The tools function on our website to collect input from actual users, interpret the semantics underlying qualitative data, and provide reports on the outcomes.”
Green’s firm now has a deeper understanding of “what our target customer wants and expects from us,” which will guide the development of future products and services.
Green advises entrepreneurs to “evaluate all aspects of their firm, especially the bottlenecks, to see if AI solutions might increase productivity and efficiency or help them advance more quickly.”

General administrative duties, including research, analysis, content generation on a basic level, and scheduling, are no longer performed by humans.
Discover how to use the resources at your disposal to eliminate the low-level activities that dominate your schedule so you can focus on the job that only you can perform.
Networking, planning, and being a visionary entrepreneur are why you’re here, and there’s no longer any excuse not to devote the majority of each day to these activities.

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