TikTok Introduces STEM Feed: Safe, Educational Content For Teens

TikTok has introduced a new STEM feed with safe, authentic information relevant to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

To increase the use of TikTok for its users and to commemorate Pi Day (3.14), a new feed devoted to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) themes has been released.

When you connect to your TikTok account, this will display under the Following and For You streams.

TikTok Introduces STEM Feed: Safe, Educational Content For Teens
TikTok Introduces STEM Feed: Safe, Educational Content For Teens

STEM Feed on TikTok vs. STEM Hashtags

With #STEM and associated hashtags, users may locate billions of STEM-related videos on TikTok.
But like any other hashtag, #STEM and related hashtags include any video whose description includes a STEM hashtag.
TikTok artists may incorporate a STEM-related hashtag into any video, regardless of whether the content is on STEM subjects or is correct.

Conversely, TikTok partners Common Sense Networks and Poynter will evaluate the new STEM channel.

Common Sense Networks will analyze the material to guarantee that it is suitable for adolescents and will not hinder their social, emotional, or cognitive development.
Poynter will analyze the factual quality of STEM information, guaranteeing that what consumers learn will aid their STEM studies.

Only films that pass both tests will be included in the new STEM stream, making it safe for kids to use the content for instructional reasons.

In March, the new STEM broadcast will debut in the United States.

Why would TikTok include science content?

Legislators drafted a measure titled the Restricted Act in response to rumours that TikTok is using its algorithm to promote misinformation and mismatched information to certain audiences. The new STEM feed feature follows these allegations.This would give them a chance to look at foreign technologies and make sure they don’t threaten national security.

Many publications also highlight the disparities between the content provided to American TikTok consumers and Chinese Douyin audiences.

Videos offered to teen viewers on Douyin emphasize educational and patriotic topics, such as virtual museum trips and scientific activities.
For its youthful consumers, Douyin excludes films including pranks, superstitions, and entertainment venues.

What potential long-term effects may this type of targeting have?

Lego polled 3,000 pre-teens in the United States, the United Kingdom, and China about their desired careers.
One-third of respondents desired to become vloggers or YouTubers.

Half of the Chinese respondents desired to become astronauts.

STEM-focused material for younger audiences in the United States might assist in reversing the trend, encouraging more adolescents to concentrate on their education rather than striving to become social media celebrities.
This is significant, as just 20% of content producers make a living.

To discourage users from developing a social media addiction, Douyin also imposes a daily limit of 40 minutes for younger audiences.
Optional time-limiting options are available to TikTok users, although they are not required.

As with any social network, parents in the United States should take the time to discuss the information their children are watching with their children.
TikTok provides a guide for parents to learn more about how they may monitor their adolescents’ TikTok activities to ensure that it does not negatively affect their lives.

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