3 Surprising Ways To Prepare For Setbacks

At your finest, you are courageous, vivacious, and persistent, with a passionate desire to confront the large, extensive issues you’ve committed to.
You stand in very real danger of failure if, like the most successful business owners, you cannot find a method to overcome the inevitable obstacles that will arise.

Three unexpected methods to anticipate setbacks

Punit Dhillon, an entrepreneur and author, believes that resilience is the key to overcoming the failures inherent to business and that this may be accomplished by planning in advance.
Dhillon is the CEO and chairman of Skye Bioscience Inc., a biotechnology company that is listed on the stock market and is researching a new class of medicines for eye diseases.
He has been acknowledged as one of the top CEOs in the PharmaVOICE 100 and as a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award.
In his book Catapult, he discusses how entrepreneurs may cultivate resilience and transform difficulties into opportunities.

3 Surprising Ways To Prepare For Setbacks
3 Surprising Ways To Prepare For Setbacks

“No matter how successful an entrepreneur finally becomes, he or she will experience obstacles along the way,” Dhillon added.”You can become the strongest, most resilient person you can be by learning how to face some of the most common problems head-on, before they happen, so that you can leave a lasting mark on the world.”

1. Anticipate that every condition will alter.

As an entrepreneur, you will definitely encounter circumstances that you did not anticipate.
Instead of letting unanticipated problems catch you off-guard, you can anticipate them and take immediate action to pivot, adapt, and succeed.

Dhillon stated, “Things never occur as you expect them to.”
“Timelines will be approximations, and you will have to make adjustments along the way to account for unanticipated occurrences.”
You may assist in mitigating potential hazards by imagining and planning for a variety of potential scenarios beforehand.
This will guarantee that you are as prepared as possible for everything that may arise.

While aiming for excellence, encountering difficulties is nothing unusual.
“Success depends on risk,” Dhillon stated, “therefore one cannot exist without the other.”
Regardless of what transpires, maintain your concentration on completing the task at hand, but be flexible about how you get there.
The key to achieving success is your capacity to keep a level head and react calmly when circumstances change abruptly.

2. Make provisions for the anticipated long hours.

Changing conditions are one thing.
Working long, tough hours to complete an essential task is a typical obstacle.
Dhillon stated, “Sometimes, we must work extensive overtime to complete a job endeavour or close a contract.”
During the past two decades, I’ve experienced my fair share of this, and each time it feels more severe.

When you believe in what you’re doing and have wonderful people around you, it’s much simpler to put in long hours to attain a significant objective.
Make sure you have friends and coworkers with whom you can converse and who encourage your tenacity and determination rather than trying to get you to work less.
Ensure that you are also prepared.
Dhillon stated, “It always pays to be on top of your own workload.”
“Use a to-do list, get sufficient rest, and don’t forget to breathe!”

Three unexpected methods to anticipate setbacks

In situations where you have little control, surrounding yourself with positive people and being well prepared will make lengthy hours more pleasurable.
Remember that you picked this road because you enjoy what you do; therefore, there is no reason to dislike lengthy days spent on your objective.

3. Maintain your health when travelling far from home.

Occasionally, the difficulty has more to do with where you work than when you work.
Although more business is handled remotely than ever before, many entrepreneurs still travel extensively.
Dhillon stated that if you do not emphasise making good selections, business travel may significantly affect your energy, health, and productivity.

Dhillon stated, “For over a decade, I boarded an aircraft more than twice each week.”
“I have encountered delayed flights, delays, and terrible weather conditions, and I once missed a trip because I was using noise-canceling headphones and could not hear the boarding announcement.”
Whether you travel regularly or only a few times a year, Dhillon understands how to keep healthy based on his personal experience.
“When I am exhausted and away from home, the temptation to consume unhealthy food is everywhere,” he stated.
To maintain optimal health, I focus on consuming nutritious foods and staying hydrated.

Also, Dhillon advised staying at a hotel with a gym and working out once a day when travelling, which “can do wonders for your sleep when you are in various time zones.”
Remaining in the current time zone can help your circadian rhythm adjust, making it simpler to establish a pattern and maintain a high level of productivity, which will have a favourable effect on your business.

Adapt and develop resilience.

Prepare for setbacks by anticipating and accepting changes in circumstances.
Be prepared to work long hours to overcome obstacles.
Maintain your physical fitness, especially when travelling.
Recognize that, over time, you will continue to endure whatever is thrown at you and that the experience will better prepare you for the next time anything goes bad.

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