Google February 2023 Product Reviews Update

Announcement of Google’s February 2023 Product Reviews Upgrade.
It will take approximately two weeks to implement.
Updated product reviews also provide recommendations.

Google announced the release of the Product Reviews Update for February 2023.The upgrade affects eleven languages all over the world and will be fully put into place in about two weeks.

Modifications to Product Review Guidelines

The Product Reviews Update for February 2023 is accompanied by a clarification to the existing Product Reviews Update guidance.

Google modified the Product Review Update documentation to more accurately reflect the document’s focus on the product review system and its functionality.

The first significant change is to the documentation’s title.

Google February 2023 Product Reviews Update
Google February 2023 Product Reviews Update

Recent Product Reviews

In the New Product Reviews document, you can read about Google Search’s product review system and how it works with your website.

Before, the word “product review system” was not mentioned, but today it appears 10 times.

In the previous version of Google’s product reviews update guideline, the word “product reviews update” appeared 10 times, but it now only occurs three times.

While this may appear to be a small tweak, it shifts the emphasis of Google’s instructions away from the product review update.

Modifications to the guidelines have the effect of stressing the system for product evaluations.

This clarifies that the upgrade is a modification to the “product review system.”

One of the new sentences in the revised Product Reviews System guidelines explains: “Periodically, we enhance the functionality of the Product Reviews System.”

When we accomplish this in a noteworthy manner, we post an “update on product reviews” on our Google Search ranking updates website.

Update on Product Reviews in Eleven Languages

The update notice specifically mentions that it will be available in eleven languages.

The languages supported by the update include Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Two-week system review and update rollout

Google also revealed that the deployment will take around two weeks to complete, putting the completion date on March 7, 2023.

What Should You Do If Your Website Is Affected by the Update?

Google algorithm adjustments have repeatedly resulted in ranking alterations that are not necessarily permanent.

If your website is affected by the upgrade, it is recommended to be patient and wait until it is complete.

About the Product Evaluation System

The objective of the Product Reviews System is to identify more product reviews based on genuine experience and study and eliminate those that are essentially summaries.

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