Google On Use Of Product Structured Data For A Services Business

John Mueller’s answer on which structured data to apply reveals a contrast between attestation and Google’s recommendations. John Mueller’s response to the question of which structured data to use for a business that offers a service with a variety of prices demonstrates how Google’s advice on how to use structured data can differ from instructions. The existent who posed the inquiry wasn’t utilising structured data according to Google’s recommendations, but may have been biddable with’s recommendations. This is the issue. “The coming cross-examination is about the truth that our website isn’t a product but a service.” The cost will differ from the estimate.

Google On Use Of Product Structured Data For A Services Business
Google On Use Of Product Structured Data For A Services Business

“How can I fix the incorrect item when using product structured data for a service like ours?” John Mueller assumed the establishment was an original service provider when he answered the question. This is his response. “For indigenous businesses like the bone”
“As you described, I would propose reviewing the structured data of the indigenous company.” Also, this allows you to establish a price range for your services. More information on this luxury can be found in the hunt inventor attestation. Structured product data for a service company? Services are included in the product type description. As a result, while it’s theoretically possible to use product structured data for an establishment that provides services, Google doesn’t recommend it.

The sanctioned description of the product structured data type is as follows: “Any product or service provided, such as a pair of shoes, a musicale ticket, vehicle rental, a hairstyle, or a streaming occasion of a TV show.” A barbershop is an original business. Still, according to the guidelines on, the product structured data type may be used for this purpose.

Still, Google’s Product Structured Data Attestation concentrates simply on product information and makes no allowance for service enterprises. Their Hunt Central runner for structured data makes it clear that this structured data type should be used for better SERP rosters. When you add structured data to your product runners, Google search results, like Google Images and Google Lens, can show more detailed information about your products. What Structured Data Should Be Habilitated? Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Yandex established and promote It is not a standards organisation like the W3C (which develops HTML standards).

What search engines like Google use for their search functions is the main thing that matters when deciding how to use structured data. Using structured data that Google doesn’t support won’t hurt a website. The luxury won’t be used for enhanced hunting machine results. When in doubt as to whether to follow or Google’s recommendations, cleave to Google’s recommendations.

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