The Sales Game: 3 Strategies To Dominate The Field

Choose a sport for your team: football, soccer, baseball—you know it. When you break down all the playbooks and strategies for each sport, it eventually leads to teams trying to achieve either 1) creating scoring or 2) scoring.

Of course, it’s an extreme oversimplification of all of the sweat, blood, and tears that are involved in playing sports at the top level; however, the main aim is to score and beat the opposition. This sounds like sales, does it not?

What if selling was an official sport? The primary goal for the sales team would remain the same as in any other game: 1) schedule the date for an appointment (set up an appointment); 2) record a score; or 3) close a deal (score).

However, a few crucial details must be settled before a formalised game that is competitive can be created, one of which is what is meant by a “score.” In the past, prior to the change in our world brought about by COVID-19, salespeople viewed a score as determined by the amount of new business concluded.

The Sales Game: 3 Strategies To Dominate The Field
The Sales Game: 3 Strategies To Dominate The Field

With the way that sales are conducted having changed, the concept of an acceptable score might need to be reconsidered. Scoring goals is more gradual. There is no such thing as not counting touchdowns or home runs.Today, getting to base or getting some yards is as significant as verifying the information of a prospect in your database or making the first one-on-one phone call.

Once we’ve reached agreement on the definition of what constitutes a score, it’s time to set the rules for the game of sales. In the end, you won’t win the game without knowing what to do.

Rule #1: Keep a good balance.

It is critical to maintain a sense of balance in order to score at any point in the sales game.This is the same as running backs or forwards in hockey, who require an unshakeable balance when playing. The effectiveness of sales is related to balancing three aspects: rapport, understanding, and trustworthiness.

Because understanding can lead to transparency, can you show that you are aware of the needs of your prospective client? Since rapport is a powerful factor, is it possible to build an effective connection so that people feel at ease with your personality? Since trust is a prerequisite for credibility and confidence, have you been able to establish yourself as an individual who actually does exactly what they claim they are doing?

Rule #2: Recognize that sales is not about building relationships.

Many of my colleagues make this mistake. To be able to play the game of sales and win, you have to be aware that selling isn’t about relationships. A relationship with a potential customer is the result; it’s not necessary to conduct business. But being liked is a must. You must be liked by prospective customers if you want to get enough attention from them to get their attention for them on the calendar.How do you make it happen? Follow Rule #1: Maintain the balance.

Rule #3: Maintain an attitude of victory.

I’ve mentioned it before, and I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating. Is. Hard. Before we have the chance to showcase the product or service we offer, it is imperative that we help our potential customers overcome their obsession with the countless events that took place in their lives before they ever arrived. We must cut the veil of disorientation. In addition to all the articles and books available on the mindset of the buyer, the attitude of the salesperson is just as important. To use a football metaphor, the sale, similar to the Super Bowl, is either won or lost in the six inches that lie between the ears.

Let’s get it back home.

I’ve heard a lot of salespeople tell me, “I’d do great if they could get me before the most appropriate individuals.” They aren’t aware that between 20 and 30 percent of their efforts must go into the “score.” It is critical to work hard to ensure that you are always in front of the right people.Being successful in the sales game requires equilibrium, being pleasant, and maintaining the right mindset.

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