Don’t Make These 3 Classic New Year’s Resolution Mistakes

The new year always promises new resolutions. However, generally, they only last for a short time. According to this Inc. report, “Approximately 80 percent of public who make New Year’s resolutions have dropped them by the second week of February.” But this doesn’t mean there’s no reason not to take time at the beginning of the new year to take a step back, reflect on the past year, and establish goals for the coming one. However, when you do this, be aware of these three common resolutions that can lead to pitfalls of all individuals.

Don’t Make These 3 Classic New Year’s Resolution Mistakes
Don’t Make These 3 Classic New Year’s Resolution Mistakes

First mistake – needing to be more specific.

Although it’s great to say that you’ll lose the equivalent of 15 lbs or 10,000, those goals might need to be more precise to inspire you to take action consistently. Particularly, if similar ambitious goals (perhaps the same 15 pounds, for instance) …) appear in lists of your resolutions each year, take a moment to think about breaking down some crucial strategies or actions that can help you reach the final target.

Let’s say that your primary goal is to shed 15 pounds. Here are some ways to break it down into feasible, actionable steps.

* Record your eating habits (all food and snack items) in an app for a food diary every night before bed

* Have one portion of fruit for breakfast every morning

* Drink a glass of water before each and every meal.

* Use the exercise bike for 30 minutes before 8 a.m. each weekday.

Second mistake is choosing appealing goals that need to match up with your goals.

It might seem attractive to announce that you’ll meditate and work out every day from 5-6 a.m. But If you’re not an early riser and aren’t a fan of meditation, it will not happen and isn’t going to happen. Improve the odds of sticking to your plan by considering the most efficient method based on your circumstances, budget, interests, and financial situation.

For instance, There is a myriad of options for exercising. While regular golf or tennis with your friends might be ideal for some, more activities like dog walking, yoga, or playing soccer with your children at night could be more easily incorporated into the routine and life of others. Be aware that these goals are yours to decide, so do not fall on the path of trying to stay ahead of Jones or listing activities that sound like things they “should be doing.” Spend time reflecting on what you’d like to do or include in your daily routine in 2023.

Third mistake: not being brave enough

Be aware that, according to the old saying, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got.” Many are prone to returning to the same objectives each year. This is a missed chance to explore the possibilities and identify daring new opportunities or innovative approaches. If you’re stuck in a “resolution rut,” consider these questions to spark fresh ideas.

What are things you’d love to accomplish or experience if you had only one year?

Looking back over this year, what brought you the most happiness?

* What would you choose if you were forced to choose a new profession?

* What is the one thing you’ve always thought of trying?

If we’re not afraid?

The new year is an opportunity to take advantage of the momentum you have built or to turn the page and start a fresh chapter. While many perform the routine and keep a record of resolutions that will soon be forgotten before spring, you can consider making resolutions a little different by taking steps to stay clear of these three common traps. Instead of trying to achieve the same five primary goals you’ve recorded each year, try thinking small, thinking outside of the box, and ensuring that your goals represent you. When next year rolls around, you’ll probably be thankful you did it.

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