2022 Standouts: Insomniac Music Festivals

As the year ends, it’s time to examine the people and businesses that stood out. Insomniac produces music festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Hard Summer, Beyond Wonderland, and Hard Ship! Wrecked was true to the course.

These events are deep explorations into music and the Electronic Dance Music world, gathering thousands of fans of the DJ world in one location where music continues to play continuously, and there’s almost no interruption in the music.

Insomniac has slowly grown its reputation since its inception by Pasquale R. Rotella in 1993. Currently, they’ve nearly four million customers participating in events across one hundred and sixty-three nations. This massive spread across different cultures and a large fan base will likely continue to buy tickets.

2022 Standouts: Insomniac Music Festivals
2022 Standouts: Insomniac Music Festivals

This year’s festival showcased the ongoing shift from bands that use instruments to DJs who use thumb drives and Pioneer mixing consoles as the next generation of a vast segment of festival goers—attending a four-day event like Hard Summer! I was sunk at Riviera Maya, Mexico felt like going to an adult summer camp.

Hard Summer was a complete transformation at The Hard Rock Hotel. This was an all-inclusive celebration. When you buy the room, you get entrance to the festival grounds of the hotel, as well as unlimited food and beverages across the entire facility.

Like all the things in which The Insomniac’s Meg Deschenes has a hand, it is an aesthetic component. The branding is constant, and there are themed dinners as well. The surroundings are decorated with signage, lighting, and coordinated colors that create a more welcoming atmosphere.

The hues of Insomniac

A music festival on the beach, with an entire hotel purchase, has distinct vibes from the drive to the festival. The crowd is unified the whole time. Instead of just arriving for a dance and then departing home, You will see the same crowds pass through the group as they head to the beach for lunch or even later when the sun goes down, and the fun music picks to play again. There’s more of a community element to the whole thing.

Like DJs, DJs treat this time as an opportunity for a vacation. They also hang out with each other, have surprise pop-up collaborations, or talk songs on the beach. In contrast to the traditional festivals, which have the main acts only playing in the evening, the most famous performers play in the afternoon in the beach area.

Since the festival is inside the hotel, There is plenty of space to move around. This adds a luxury feel to the festival. It is possible to be in the closest proximity to the venue in contrast to the distance standard in more significant at-large events.

Go on. The water is fine!

Indeed, Insomniac is also the producer of Electric Daisy Carnival, which could be as large as 400,000 attendees. So, they definitely can handle large crowds. However, it’s the intimate nature of the Hard Ship! The group that is wrecked provides unexpected delight. The performers switch between performing and then becoming part of the crowd. Over the four days during the event, it’s clear that DJ bonding time is also happening. DJs are everywhere in bars, restaurants, the pool, and the beach. In removing the barrier between the audience and performers, which is present at nearly every performance, the chasm between fans and performers slowly diminishes. It creates a sense of unity among the audience, who enjoy the evening shows more like friends instead of being a crowd behind a barrier.

The spirit of Christmas is evident during this EDM event in Riviera Maya.

People who attend music festivals are often split into two categories: those who are interested in attending events within their driving distance and those who see festivals as an opportunity to get away from their comfortable area and into a different one. The trip to the outskirts of Baja California, or any other far-off events that Insomniac produces, adds expense and excitement to your trip. Sometimes, the thrill is increased because you are in a new place or a foreign country. Moving out of the comfort zones allows the possibility of trying new ways of experiencing the site and the moment. There are plenty of arguments to consider going to a tropical beach destination to relax in the weeks leading up to Christmas. It’s warm and inclusive, and since you’re somewhere new, there’s more to see and experience other than the music. If we could find a DJ that incorporates Feliz Navidad, it would be the perfect way to finish the year with EDM.

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