3 Trends To Watch In 2023

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I’m convinced that there will be three distinct trends emerging in 2023.

We at Vanderbloemen we’ve been privileged to collaborate with thousands of businesses to assist them in finding the top talent. This gives us a perspective of the trends which are taking place in the world of work.

You’ll be able to see three distinct trends appear in 2023. They’ve already been evident in 2023, but the year 2023 will witness an acceleration in each when we finally begin the first year with no serious health issues resulting from the pandemic.

3 Trends To Watch In 2023
3 Trends To Watch In 2023

Homework remains, but it will take time to slow down.

Research on productivity is in flux, and if you love being able to work from home, this is not the best news for you. Recently, most remote workers have spent all of their time trying to demonstrate efficiency. The pressure to prove the time spent is efficient could be better for any productive work environment.

Several experts point at the enormous increase in productivity in the early stages of the epidemic because people started working at home. But, new studies reveal that much of the productivity resulted from anxiety. It is apparent that in the midst of a world that was going on, the people began to channel their energy to work on issues they could manage.

In hindsight, we can see the bigger picture and with the pandemic at an end. Experts are beginning to realize that an entirely remote workforce isn’t working. The percentage of remote-based work which actually “works” varies from industry to industry, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to the issue of working at home. Are we going to see the workforce move back to the office entirely in 2023? Not quite. Can the workforce be completely remote? It’s not likely.

However, you’ll see more companies begin to look into hybrid work arrangements that rely heavily on staff working physically together to help accomplish their work to the best of their ability.

Retention will be an all-new ball sport.

It is costly to hire. The use of a search engine is an excellent decision, and is also a financial investment, too. The best way to cut down on hiring costs is to keep the best employees around for a while. I’ve discovered through experience that losing the best employees can be expensive, painful, and slow a company’s growth.

When Gen Z emerges into the workforce, their inclination to switch jobs (and even career paths) is more significant than those of Generation Y. The days of working for 25 years in a business and earning a gold watch are long gone. Work is seen more as temporary assignments rather than permanent career paths. This means that the rate of turnover, in general, will continue to rise while the length of tenure will decrease.

As businesses begin to demand their employees to return to work and while we’re in shock from the massive resignations, employers are likely to be required to work extremely hard to make their workplace one that is worth visiting and a workplace that is extremely difficult to quit.

The most intuitive leadership teams should spend the beginning of the year 2023 taking questions such as, “How can I make this a more appealing workplace?”, “What are some concessions I can make to encourage people to be at the office?” and “How do I make hybrid work and remote work a reward that is earned and not a right people feel entitled to?”

Creating an irresistible workplace will be a significant job for all leaders across the country. Being up-to-date with methods to boost retention will be essential in 2023.

Vanderbloemen wrote Culture Wins after researching 150 businesses that have created an environment that enticed their employees. I observed time and again that one of the reasons companies invest money in culture is to prolong the life span of employees. But, creating a positive workplace culture is cheaper than constantly replacing employees. The first step to creating a welcoming environment is to determine the health of your workplace.

In our research of the top workplaces, we identified eight wellness indicators that any business has, in good shape or not. The culture tool is a research-based staff engagement assessment that ranks your company’s culture against industry standards in these eight crucial indicators of culture. More than 3000 organizations have completed this assessment, and the findings from determining their areas have made a difference in the amount of time.

Human touch (soft abilities) will be”the new standard.

AI replaces human employees. Humans must become proficient in what AI isn’t be able to do – which is being human. AI-powered machines could be more precise and efficient than us. However, they cannot make judgment calls or use intuition to be sensitive to culture.

This will increase the hiring of people who excel in being human. Sometimes called soft skills, the standard human traits will be the most defining indicators of a successful hiring decision that will last for a long time.

Businesses should ask them, “How well does this person get along with others?” The most successful business owners should also ask, “Does this person’s presence in the room improve our atmosphere?” These are only one of the many questions to be asked. To address the issues that are likely to pop up, Vanderbloemen will be conducting a considerable research study of these traits, which will be available in 2023.

Numerous other developments I will see coming up, but this trio is three of the three most significant ones that all managers will have to address at the beginning of the year. Think about the time your team will need to spend together in the office. Determine how you can create a pleasant place of work. Next, decide how to fill your office with exceptionally adept employees with their human interactions. Concentrating on these three aspects ensures that efficiency, employee satisfaction, and overall profits will dramatically rise in 2023.

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