3 Link Building Best Practices for Outreach in Times of Crisis

Link building outreach in this outbreak and other crises periods requires a deliberate strategy. Here are a few suggestions to follow.

The health crisis is still in full swing on the horizon; many SEO experts have questions and worries about conducting link outreach during a swine flu epidemic.

In the last year, our team has been challenged to figure out ways to provide the same quality relevant backlinks that our clients are used to.

 In this way, we’ve gained some valuable tips on how to modify link outreach in the event of the course of a pandemic.

3 Link Building Best Practices for Outreach in Times of Crisis
3 Link Building Best Practices for Outreach in Times of Crisis

The lessons you learned from these tough times can be utilized in your outreach to improve your success in creating backlinks for your website in any situation, particularly in cases of crises.

Link Outreach Personalization Is King

In the age of COVID-19, personalization has become paramount, particularly in the context of the email marketing process.

The times are hard, and people are in a state of crisis, and you must be aware of that.

More than before, you need to be capable of placing yourself in the position of the person you’re speaking to and consider what might have changed in their field due to lockdowns and limitations, mandates, etc.

It is essential to fully comprehend what is important to them in this context and where your asset is.

If, for instance, you’re advertising an asset related to well-being and mental health Your top target could include .edu websites that are having trouble reopening and accommodating their students.

The majority of these websites would like content that helps the mental health of staff members and students.

If you can clearly explain how your product would benefit their users concerning “pandemic life,” you’re much more likely to succeed.

The stress and pressures we face in our current climate are also causing people to have less time, fewer concentration spans, and less time for lazy, templated emails.

Personally, when I receive an email that has an unspecific message (“Hi there,” “Hey team,” “Hello sir,” etc. ) I will delete it immediately without even taking the time to read it.

If the person emailing me doesn’t bother finding out the name of my email address, why should I take the time to look through their emails?

Spend that little bit of extra time to locate who you’re in contact with and then go deeper by asking them about their current situation or sharing something that has helped them during these difficult times.

This makes your outreach more personal and shows that you’ve taken the time to look at the person’s position. The emails you send out to your audience are read.

Following Up on Outreach Emails Is Even More Critical

There has been great change since the epidemic was first discovered. Even today, I’m trying to adjust my life to new problems (like my son’s daycare being shut off for two whole weeks because of a COVID-related scare) resulting from COVID. It’s common for all.

Amid all the chaos in our lives, it’s easy to understand why follow-up is more critical in link outreach.

Keep in mind that people are more busy than usual and may need more time to respond to your request.

Their website isn’t an option in the present, so you’ll need to check back later once the situation has calmed down.

Many have been forced to shoulder additional responsibilities as a result of the epidemic.

The ability to respond to emails from outside may not be their primary task. Be kind to them, and then send them a quick reminder to let them know you’re still trying to contact them.

In addition to ensuring that you follow up on your emails in these circumstances, it is essential to be considerate when sending follow-up emails.

A typical practice I’ve encountered is to send emails with an edgy or aggressive tone after sending several emails that have yet to receive a response.

For example, something similar to:

“Helloooooo? Is anyone there? Am I shouting into the darkness? !”

While this method can be successful in proper circumstances, I strongly recommend against it in moments of crisis.

You don’t understand what the person on the other end of your email may be experiencing in the event of losing someone dear to them or being forced to cut staff or being in the process of filing for bankruptcy, or another catastrophe caused by this health crisis.

Today more than ever, you must be polite and sensitive when following up with your customers.

There is a better time to attempt to minimize the situation.

Don’t Limit Your Outreach to Email

Although email outreach remains the most widely used and effective method of promoting your website for links, keep your outreach efforts open to email.

The epidemic has made us change our behavior in a variety of ways. However, all of these are good.

The shift to mostly online communications has opened up new possibilities for outreach to links.

As a species, we’ve become increasingly comfortable using video conference calls as more workers work at their homes.

This is an excellent opportunity for the acquisition of links in the sense that you could discover that your contacts are more than happy to join a short video chat to talk about the product you’re selling.

This will make the entire outreach process more accessible as it will not be a lengthy email exchange by calling and briefly explaining why you believe they should use your hyperlink.

Additionally, using screen sharing, you can let them know precisely where you believe it will look on their website and why you think it is appropriate, and then demonstrate your work and highlight the most relevant parts for their target audience.

If you still need to, this will help to reduce time spent on 10-plus email exchanges that end with rejection.

You must also use social networks as part of your marketing efforts.

Social media is not just an additional avenue to reach your desired contact and can provide the context vital to create a compelling outreach message.

Social media may offer the most up-to-date information on how the website or business is performing and changing during the epidemic, allowing you to design outreach distinct from other links.

In this and other widespread crises, it is even more essential to take a few minutes more time with the outreach of your links.

It is essential to determine who you should contact and then think about yourself as they do to know what they may be going through so that you can write a thoughtful, personal message.

As well as getting to know more about their circumstances, this additional investment into research could assist you in putting your assets in a way that appeals to them.

This health crisis presents unique challenges for everyone. However, when you take your link outreach efforts carefully, you will still be successful in gaining appropriate backlinks.

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