Does Sound Affect Taste? Producer WondaGurl Finds The Music In Tequila

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In the spring of this season, Tequila Avion began investigating the possibility that sound could alter taste. The company collaborated with sound technician Danny Keith Taylor to take the sound of making tequila to see if the tone of the aural influences the sensation.

Then, WondaGurl, the prodigy producer behind the tracks of Travis Scott, Drake, and Rihanna, made the sounds, which included harvesting agave from the fields, then cooking the agave in ovens made of brick before distilling the liquid, then putting it in barrels before bottling it. He then remixed the tracks to improve the process.

Does Sound Affect Taste? Producer WondaGurl Finds The Music In Tequila
Does Sound Affect Taste? Producer WondaGurl Finds The Music In Tequila

“The first audio recording was between seven and ten years of the tequila-making process, which was transformed into 10 mins of sound,” WondaGurl said at a listening event held last week in Miami in Soundlux Audio, referring to how long it takes the agave plant to expand and also to alter the taste of the liquid. “You’ll be able to experience the impact of sound on the taste. When you drink and listen, you’ll see how salty and sweet are amplified by high pitched and the flavors like herbs and minerals with a low-pitched.”

(And sure, there’s science and research evidence confirming this.)

Avion’s Carlos Andres Ramirez leads guests through a tasting guide of Avion’s Reserva 44 and its new Reserva Cristalino with the Miami Heat’s DJ Irie, Marcello “Cool” Valenzano of Cool & Dre, and the interdisciplinary artist Aileen Quintana.

Avion is produced at the highest elevations of Jalisco. Since agave is subject to more significant stress from water and is closer to the sun, They tend to be fruity and sweeter than agave from lowlands. Both Reserva 44 and the Cristalino emphasize the agave taste more than other tequilas with a long-term age that are available, using the delicate sweetness of the primary ingredient.

WondaGurl is a musician with an album of her own composed by instrumentalists due out in the summer of 2023. expressed interest in this project involving music without sound since she’s never worked on similar projects.

“I amplified certain sounds to bring out certain frequencies. I then added my sauce,” she said. “It seemed as if I was scoring a film with the sound of walking or water splashing. Close your eyes, listen and add to the experience of the.”

Tequila Avion is giving away bundles of home studio products.

WondaGurl made a Spotify track in the spirit of the process, but only a few lucky fans will be able to take the experience to the next stage. From now until the 22nd of January, 2023, hopeful musicians can write up to 300 words on why they should be awarded an at-home studio by the Perfect Circuit, which is worth $3000. WondaGurl will select the winners along with one winner who will receive one-on-one time with her.

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