Apple Offers New Ad Placements In App Store

Apple has launched two new advertising spots in the Today tab and on the product pages. This move is controversial and is in response to increased privacy policies.

A few months ago, Apple hinted towards new and sought-after positions on The Apple app store through an email message to developers.

The rumors are accurate There is a truth to the talks. Apple officially unveiled two new advertising options for the “Today” tab and the products page advertising placements.

Extend Your Reach Today With Tab Ads

From now on, advertisers can present their apps on the first page of The Apple app store. This is an advertisement selected by the App Store’s editorial team earlier set.

What is the significance of this?

For a long time, Apple Ads inventory focused on Search campaigns, which could be measured only by the volume of searches and the keyword match kinds.

The Today tab could be a crucial location users visit when they enter their app stores. Being in front of potential new users is essential when creating brand recognition.

The Today tab’s ad placements enable advertisers to diversify their advertising budgets to increase awareness.

What does this new ad space appear like?

On the Today tab, ads appear like this as users scroll through the “Today” feed.

Marketers first need to set up an individual product page on App Store Connect to take advantage of Today tab ads.

 There are other requirements for creating a customized product page to display ads for Today. Today tab:

  • At the very least, 4 (4) images OR
  • At least five (5) landscape assets

When App Store Connect approves your personalized product page, the page will then go through another approval process within Apple Search Ads to use to promote your business.

Pay to Play with Ads on Product Pages

This latest advertising ad is where things begin to become exciting.

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Advertisers can display their products on their product pages in Apple’s Apple App Store.

While browsing a particular app’s product pages and clicking on the “New Ad” button, a new advertisement appears at the bottom of the page in the section titled “You might also like.”

An excellent example of this placement is shown below:

This ad spot is available to all countries except China.

The product page ads are set up similarly to the other ad types, such as Search and Search Tab campaigns. Ads will be designed based on the current assets on your app’s page for a product, including the app’s name, icon, and subtitle.

The ads on the product page can be aired in all areas, but you can also make them more specific to specific categories you want to include.

What is it that makes this ad’s placement so controversial?

A few users, such as the tweeter of Florian Mueller, have been quick to condemn this move of power by Apple, saying that it’s a different way advertisers are required to be paid for their terms to have an ad displayed on their page for their product to shield it from the competition.

Apple is planning to double its ad revenue soon. One method to achieve this could be to allow brands to compete on individual terms, which makes the marketplace more fiercely competitive.

Meta provides further scrutiny of Apple expanding its advertising. The parent company behind Facebook has openly studied Apple’s plan to introduce enhanced privacy features to prevent third-party companies from tracking the performance of ads while expanding its advertising business.

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