TikTok Adds New Photo Feature to Rival Instagram

TikTok announces Photo Mode, a new photo editor that is a direct competitor to Instagram and Instagram – as well as other features for editing that are more advanced.

TikTok has launched Photo Mode, a new tool for editing photos. It emulates Instagram’s features. Instagram, alongside some other features, like improved editing capabilities and longer-length captions.

TikTok Launches Photo Mode

TikTok announced in an article on its blog that it’s launching Photo Mode, a carousel format designed to share still images within the application. In addition to still photos, creators can now include music in their posts.

The process of posting content in Photo Mode is similar to posting average video content within the application.

How to Utilize TikTok Photo Mode

To begin creating content using Photo Mode, hit the “+” icon at the end of the For You page.

In the lower right corner in the bottom right, click the bottom right, click “Upload” link to launch the gallery. Select the images you wish to consider in their carousel and click “Next.”

The editing page will be displayed as with TikTok’s posting video features. It is here you can include any sound effects and music.

A tiny symbol will be displayed at the lower right of the screen. It says, “Switch into video Mode.”

Social Media Rivalry Social Media Rivalry

This feature is quite like Instagram. Instagram is famous for its ability to allow creators to publish photos of their still images in their feeds and stories. TikTok appears to have modeled this.

This is a further development in the recent trend of platforms on social media mirroring one another’s capabilities.

Since its inception, TikTok has inspired new features on social media platforms, like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and, more recently, Twitter’s new video features. So it could surprise some users to find TikTok making notes from other applications with their features.

The New Editing Tools for TikTok’s New Version

Alongside TikTok’s Photo Mode feature, the company also introduced several enhancements to editing tools.

In an article on its blog that the company posted, it announced:

“TikTok’s improved editing features permit users to effortlessly edit videos, sound clips, images, texts, and other content using a new editing interface in TikTok’s creative flow. You’ll be able:

  • Edit clipsStack cut, split, or stack video clips.
  • Modify sounds cut off, cut, or adjust the duration of the sounds.
  • Edit and place the text more, edit and position the text, and set the length for the text.
  • Incorporate overlays. Include video and photo overlays to allow picture-in-picture (or video-in-video) stacking.
  • Change the speed of the video: Speed or slow the speed in the video clip.
  • Content of the frame Zoom or rotate into and out of frame for individual videos.
  • Sound effects”

It also revealed more descriptions of content, which can be the possibility of up to 2,200 characters in each blog post. This is a massive leap from the earlier 300-character limit.

The new features of TikTok, such as Photo Mode, are currently accessible across the U.S. and most global regions.

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