TikTok Adds Downvote Button For Comments

TikTok users can downvote individual comments and express their disapproval with a new button.

TikTok has launched a downvote button that allows users to report inappropriate or irrelevant comments.

After a summer-long test, TikTok launched comment downvotes.

TikTok stated that it was looking at ways to prevent abusive and hateful content from being posted or any behavior against its community guidelines.

One of the new features that emerged from this testing period is the downvote buttons, which allow the TikTok community to moderate itself.

The downvote button is now available globally. It appears under comments, next to the like button. As you can see, it looks similar to a thumbs-down icon.

Although a downvote button seems obvious, TikTok’s implementation doesn’t work as you might expect.

TikTok confirmed that total dislike counts aren’t being made public. This is why you won’t see a number next the icon.

Only TikTok’s moderation staff will know how many comments get downvoted.

The downvote button does not affect a comment’s like count. It is a way to give feedback to TikTok moderators.

Reddit allows you to downvote comments or posts. This removes your upvote. Reddit ranks comments according to the number of upvotes. This enables users to control which words appear first.

This is not how TikTok works with its downvote button.

TikTok announces what its downvote button will accomplish.

It was created to allow our community to give feedback. This helps us identify inappropriate or irrelevant comments and fosters genuine interactions through the comment section.

This feature’s primary goal is to improve the user experience. This means that comments will not show the number of likes they have received. People can also tap again to give feedback whenever they want.

In practice, the downvote buttons may have a similar effect to Reddit’s, depending on how long it takes TikTok for TikTok to respond to a flagged comment.

TikTok’s implementation could lead to more diplomatic resolutions. The moderation team holds the final word.

If the comment is abusive or in violation of TikTok’s guidelines, it won’t be downvoted.

Reddit visibility won’t be affected by downvoting comments because you disagree or aren’t happy with the author.

Is this going to make a difference in the TikTok comments section? It will only be time to find out.

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