The 3 “Team Player” Qualities Of Employees

We employ more than 400 employees, and I know a lot about how to hire superstars. But this book is what blew me away.

It’s called the Ideal Team Player and was written by Patrick Lencioni. Patrick worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Oracle and Bain, and his books have been sold more than 7 million times.

He believes three essential qualities will make an employee a great team member: being hungry, humble, and intelligent. Let me tell you about each one and give you additional insight.

1. Are they hungry?

They are willing to do more than is expected. They can overpromise and underdeliver. They are driven to win. It would support if you were looking for a winning attitude. Here are some things to pay attention to.

* Do they have a passion for anything? I’m concerned if they claim they enjoy doing everything but not much.

* Did they have to put in a lot of effort? Are they willing to sacrifice other things, such as their time and schedules, to make a difference?

* Are they competitive? What are their strategies in dealing with adversity

This test is from Chet Holmes (the late author of The Ultimate Sales Machine) to determine if someone truly needs food. His challenge to candidates was, “I’m not certain if you are cut out for this business… “I’m not sure that you have what it takes.”

Many candidates will give up when under pressure, but trustworthy hungry, and competitive people will not. They may even request to be matched against the best and show their worth through a trial.

2. Are they humble?

What is humility? Humility recognizes that they don’t have all the answers and are not always right. They are open to learning from others and asking questions. They can take a look at themselves and reflect. They see them-selves as part of a team.

Ask them about their professional achievements to find out if they are humble. It’s not a good sign if they reply with “I did that …” or” They are probably taking too much credit.

They can reply, “We did this, and we did that …” Continue! This is a sign they view their success as part of the team’s effort.

3. Are they intelligent people?

Being intelligent is about dealing with people & navigating through all kinds of work relationships–whether with clients or coworkers. It’s about being sensitive and understanding the needs of those around you.

Patrick suggests asking the following question during interviews: “How would your personality be described?” This helps people communicate effectively to anyone they speak to.

What other qualities do great employees share? Here’s another thing I noticed about our over 400 employees.

Are they content?

Although you can train employees to smile, it is impossible to make them happy. Unhappy people tend to make others painful. They all agree that “Misery loves company”. People who aren’t able to laugh or find it challenging to smile often don’t make the best company.

It’s up to the company to create a culture that inspires smiles. It’s up to you, the leader, to make the company successful.

How can you build a culture that uplifts team play?

I love to think of culture as the weather. It is easy to be optimistic, engaged and committed when the sun shines.

Your employees will be more motivated, productive, and energetic if there is a culture that acknowledges and appreciates them. They might want to work together and support one another. It all adds to a happy employee, team, and leader.

Appreciation is the glue that binds people together and creates a work environment where they want to be there. These are some things that we do to help you.

* Display the faces of your “employees” of the month on a wall

* pat an employee on their back

* Give them something nice, but not a cash bonus.

* Learn the office love language

You can create a culture where team players thrive by praising others and acknowledging them when they do.

When was the previous time you said to an employee, “you matter as a team member?”

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