More Lithium Mining, Wells Running Dry In California And EV Charging Infrastructure

We held the Sustainability Leaders Summit this week. This brought together leaders from many industries to discuss how we can solve pressing environmental problems while maintaining a vibrant, healthy economy. I was privileged to lead a panel that featured Todd Brady, an Intel leader in reducing its energy consumption and carbon footprint. (Intel, he said, uses 100% renewable energy in the United States). Gaurab Chakrabarti is the CEO of Solugen. This startup makes industrial chemicals like hydrogen peroxide with less energy and has a Sustainability Leaders Summit.” Maddie Hall’s to plant trees in areas that are blighted.

It was all very energizing. What struck me was the simple truth that there is no conflict between the economy and the environment. The company’s efforts to conserve energy have been a boon for its bottom line. Solugen sells its products at a competitive price, with no marketing bonus for being green. Living Carbon’s trees are also green. Living Carbon’s trees produce more durable wood than the ones on the market. It’s possible to be green while making it green. All you need is clever science and engineering.

The Big Read

California’s Water Emergency: Fulfilling the Thirst of Almonds, While The Wells Of The People Who Harvest Them Run Dry

The scorching heat is straining the state’s underground water supplies during the worst drought in 1,200 years. This has led to many Central Valley workers losing their jobs.

Innovations and Discoveries

Researchers have found a way to make lithium-ion batteries using only cobalt. This makes them safer and less vulnerable to market volatility.

California could weather the historic heat wave without rolling out blackouts because it has invested heavily in clean energy technology such as wind, solar, and battery storage.

NASA scientists devised a method to weigh land masses using two satellites from space. This allowed them to document Greenland’s remarkable weight loss due to melting ice.

The Week’s Best Sustainability Deals

Fusion Development The Department of Energy has announced a $50 Million program to assist companies, universities, and several organizations in developing commercial fusion power technology.

Aluminum Bottles: Ball Corporation has announced that Boomerang Water has partnered with it to supply aluminum bottled water for resorts and cruise ships. The bottles are more easily filled and can be recycled than their plastic counterparts.

On The Horizon

Sustainable technology is everywhere you look – even older technologies. Let’s talk about where the future of green tech might lead.

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