3 Initiatives Underway To Transform America’s Mental Healthcare System

The U.S. is poised for a historic shift in mental health care. Can the healthcare sector seize this opportunity to work together for those in greatest need?

In recent years, America’s mental health has been poor. Millions of Americans, including healthcare professionals on the front lines of fighting the disease, struggle with the mental health issues resulting from the pandemic. Our current mental health system does not provide the best care for those most in need. Recent research by the Satcher Health Leadership Institute of Morehouse School of Medicine, The Economic Burden of the Mind Health Inequities: The United States Report, has shown that investments in mental health care directly save lives and money.

These issue’s need to be addressed immediately and clearly. It is up to the healthcare industry to be bold in addressing these challenges and driving and maintaining systemic change. One healthcare company sees this as an opportunity to promote positive change for those with mental illness. Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc. is a leader in mental health care. They offer a thought-provoking perspective meant to inspire radical changes across the spectrum of care. If politicians, public officials, advocates, policy experts, and others work together, they believe a significant and transformative shift in the U.S. mental healthcare landscape can be achieved.

The Perception of Mental Illness and Chronic Disease

Patients with serious mental illnesses have suffered for years from a lack of parity in treatment and resources compared to other chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or cancer.

Otsuka believes that mental illness is a chronic condition, not temporary or acute. Otsuka’s perspective allows them to reach across the care spectrum and promote transformative change in the U.S. mental healthcare landscape to improve the lives of millions of Americans with mental illness.

The organization will encourage conversations that will make everyone understand that mental illness is not an acute or temporary condition. Policymakers and all other stakeholders should resource and treat it as such.

Focus on Innovation Funding

It is crucial to guess new and innovative ways to expand access to mental health care, given the shortage of professional’s in this field, the daily obstacles faced by millions, and the poor treatment outcomes experienced by patients. Despite a significant industry exodus, Otsuka is committed to providing innovative products for patients in neuropsychiatry worldwide.

There are no silver bullets or breakthroughs in mental health. Instead, modest incremental advancements will be made to improve outcomes for larger populations. This is similar to what happens in oncology.

We know that we can’t achieve this as a single company. We need to look beyond our clinical pipelines and collaborate with other organizations that may have entirely new knowledge and mindsets.” – Tarek Rasbah, President & Chief Executive Officer, Otsuka North American Pharmaceutical Business

A Modern Approach to Patient Centricity

Patients who are informed and engaged will actively want to be involved in decision-making. Otsuka has Patient Education liaisons who help people in need to find help and resources. These professionals assist in filling the gaps by answering caregiver and patient questions, connecting them with local resources and, with their permission, interfacing with healthcare providers.

Despite the many cases of mental illness, most people who need assistance are not treated. People should be able to access services they want and value in their local community once they seek treatment for a mental illness. This is not always the case; many communities lack the resources to coordinate a coordinated response that provides affordable, accessible, and affordable services. Patient Education Liaisons support patients in obtaining the care they need.

Otsuka believes that patient-centricity is not a mere term. It is the foundation of everything that we do. The Healthcare industry has a responsibility to create a better world.

Otsuka is determined to lead the industry’s shift towards patient-centric care wherever patients are, whenever they need it, at home, or in an urgent care clinic.

One truth can be said about America’s mental health problems: No one person or entity alone can overcome them.

Otsuka’s example shows that the pharmaceutical industry must work with many stakeholders to create a change to ensure as they get the support they need.

The industry will work together to empower patients and ensure their participation in healthcare. This will lead to improvements in healthcare that increase equity, reduce access barriers, and allow for the development of new treatments that provide hope for people with mental illnesses—a world in which every person’s mind is valued.

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