3 Strategies For IT Security Solutions In A Challenging Macroeconomic Environment

Our macroeconomic outlook is challenging. This is affecting not only us personally but also the business world. This is a critical aspect of business development. It allows us to understand better prospects and customers and the emerging opportunities for supporting them.

Digital transformation is the ultimate goal of all companies in the technology sector. This has been made more urgent by the Covid-19 pandemic, which saw hybrid work become the norm. McKinsey estimates companies have increased digitization of customer supply-chain and customer interactions. This has resulted in internal operations being accelerated by the pandemic. However, such a transformation is not easy or cheap. Cyber risks are arguably the greatest obstacle to this.

Facing cyberthreat threats in an ever-changing landscape

Sophos’ Status of Ransomware 2022 data revealed that ransomware attacks were more common and that the payments were higher than in the previous year. Cybersecurity must be the foundation of all elements of digital transformation. Organizations are still pondering how to budget for cybersecurity amid all other priorities.

Recognizing these challenges and finding solutions to help customers overcome them is key to business development. This can lead to both business and personal growth. In the current environment, which organizations are most likely to need help?

It is imperative to address the lack of cybersecurity resources.

Cybersecurity is a scarce but vital resource that is highly sought after. Cybersecurity workers must grow by 65% to protect organizations’ critical assets. This is according to (ISC.2)’s 2021 Cyber Workforce Report. There are currently 2.7 million professionals missing.

These numbers show that not all organizations have the resources to meet this need. The lack of investment makes the situation worse, which is often matched by a lack of understanding in the C-Suite.

Organizations and professionals from all industries will face challenges. This is not just true for cybersecurity professionals. Organizations in all sectors are facing tough economic times. Many will face the same challenges, whether a lack of investment or skills gaps.

Businesses must adopt a service-centric approach.

These factors make it cost-effective for many companies to partner with a company that can handle this task on their behalf. This is where there is an excellent opportunity in business development. As a disclosure, my own company Sophos is a provider of a cybersecurity-as-a-service called a Managed Threat Response (MTR) which helps alleviate such’ concerns for companies. These are three strategies that companies can use to address IT security in a challenging economic environment.

1. To promote ease of use, maximize your customer experience.

Organizations must recognize that investing in a product won’t suffice in today’s economic climate. No matter how best your product is, if an end-user doesn’t have the knowledge or the resources to maximize its potential, it doesn’t matter what the product can do. Users must be guided through their IT solution journey by a solution that continues to support them.

2. Listen to your customers and prioritize the actions you take.

Organizations can’t keep up with cybersecurity at all. It is too complicated and rapidly evolving. When addressing cybersecurity threats, companies need to listen to customers and prospects.

3. You might consider offering additional services.

You can offer services in addition to sterile solutions. This will help customers navigate today’s complex macroeconomic landscape. It will also allow them to outsource the most costly elements of their business. This allows them to concentrate on the most important things for their customers.

Don’t let IT security slip in these difficult times.

These uncertain times are a constant challenge for both consumers and companies. A services-first approach provides the stability and peace of mind that organizations need. Your team will be best equipped to face the future by focusing on customer experience, addressing customer problems, and providing ongoing support.

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