3 Key Habits To Be On Your Professional A-Game

Your habits can make or break your personality. Many entrepreneurs like me prioritize their professional careers and hone their habits accordingly. This can lead to a decline in our health and social relationships.

While they may not be directly related to professional roles, there are many healthy habits you can develop in your personal life that can help you become more productive and focused in your professional life. This is not something you should have to learn the hard way. I learned this from my own experience with stress and weight gain. I was not committing to healthy habits but instead putting professional obligations ahead of them. My life is more harmonious if I follow a healthy routine that I enjoy. This results in more focus, which substantially positively affects my professional life.

Key Habits

Every routine in our lives is a “habit,” but critical habits or “keystone” behaviors, good or bad, are the ones that create ripple effects. One necessary habit can lead to the formation of other habits or ripple effect on many areas of our lives. It is crucial to ensure that your essential habits, or those you do every day without thinking and with consistency, are the best habits for you and what you want in your life.

Every Day

You may feel like you don’t have the time or motivation to exercise or run regularly. Your work schedule is too busy or takes precedence. Taking time off from work and focusing on your health can feel wrong. After feeling tired and overweight, I decided to get back to the gym and started running. I felt instantly better. Surprisingly, I found the mental clarity I needed to solve seemingly impossible problems at work while I exercised. Exercise allows you to see things differently and help you focus better throughout the day. This means you get more done, and you do it faster.

“Sweat every single day” is now a core habit for me. I try to do it as often as possible, and I prefer it to be done early in the morning. These are some ways to make it happen: First, plan your workouts as you would for work meetings. To help you stay committed to the challenge, book a trainer. You can also avoid eating after 9 p.m. to prevent you from consuming too much late-night energy. This will make it easier to get more sleep. You can make it harder to eat unhealthy snacks by not having them in your home.


An essential habit I recommend is “eating a frog,” which means completing the most critical task for the day as soon as possible. We all have pressing tasks that, regardless of our desire, can weigh us down until we complete them. The more you hold on to something, the more it weighs. The “eat the fowl” productivity concept helps you eliminate that burden by telling you to complete the most challenging task first. It is essential to plan and encourage staff members to do the same. Our team meets for 15 minutes “stand-up” meetings whenever an urgent project must be completed quickly. This ensures all are on the same page, feel supported, and is motivated to complete the task.

To help you move quickly, start by identifying obstacles and having everyone share their “frogs” for the day. Although we are all busy, planning is my third essential habit.

Plan Your Life

If you don’t plan, it is impossible to execute a project successfully. The same applies to your daily life. There are two ways to make planning easier. One is to plan your week on Sunday night, while the other is to prepare for the next day the night before. You can plan each day by seeing your weekly schedule. This includes scheduling your work obligations and allowing for the quality time you need to have fun and be at your best.

My top three habits are planning, execution and exercise. These habits can positively impact your life, including running or getting things done. This is what makes us professional at our best.

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Samatha Vale
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