3 Ways Employers Can Prevent Employee Burnout

What can business owners do to combat burnout and improve employees’ well-being in the workplace? The original post was published on Quora, a platform to learn and share information that allows users to learn from each other and improve their understanding of the world around them.

Response by Jodi Garg, Director of People at the Deputy on Quora:

While the global situation is uncertain and the economic climate continues to change, workers across all industries feel pressure. A recent study by Deputy found that over half of employees would like greater attention to wellbeing at work. There are a few common behaviors managers can spot and offer assistance to employees.

  • Be attentive to employee attendance that sometimes extends beyond an absence on a sick day. Absenteeism could indicate more serious issues, mainly when absences that are not scheduled develop into a routine. Planned holiday breaks and PTO days can indeed assist employees in avoiding burning out. Numerous companies offer company-wide and individual wellness days to combat fatigue in the workplace.
  • The performance will likely decrease when physical, emotional, and mental stress becomes too much. For instance, if a team member who usually delivers top-quality work is suddenly unable to meet deadlines, something else is happening. Managers who engage in productive 1:1 conversations with their employees and build trust with them can provide an atmosphere that allows employees to seek assistance.
  • Irritability is a different sign. When an employee who is usually open to feedback starts reacting negatively or appears to be angry, it may be that they’re experiencing burnout. It’s crucial to tackle these issues before they turn chronic. A clear explanation of how behavior affects the business results is essential in finding ways to assist employees and avoid taking it personally.

Be aware that employee well-being can affect the entire company. It is often difficult to get public to speak out when things aren’t going their way for fear of reprisal. Managers must be attentive to and interested in their teams. Making sure there is a safe environment at work lets employees feel more at ease asking for the assistance they require.

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