New Apple Leak Reveals iPhone 14 Release Surprise

Apple’s iPhone 14 range will be available in two months. While leaks have shown everything, from battery capacities to possible price increases, one detail was left out: a brand new name.

Apple will announce the iPhone 14 Pro Max in September. This was previously known as the “iPhone 14 Max”. However, a supply chain report by analyst Omdia uses a much more logical name.

Apple iPhone 14 range is based on multiple leaks and the assumed iPhone 14 Max.

David Hsieh, Omdia’s senior research director, breaks with all the leaks. He refers to the new device (and iPhone 13 Mini substitute) as the “iPhone 14 Plus”. This is a great idea. This branding evokes Apple’s past branding for its most giant phones and allows for more significant differentiation between the two 6.7-inch models.

Update: New supply chain information about Apple’s iPhone 14 launch plans has been leaked. Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple insider and respected analyst, have confirmed that the production of the new range is on track despite Digitimes’ earlier report.

My survey does not include the “rumored TSMC’s iPhone14 orders cut by 10%.” My 2H22 shipment forecasts for iPhone 14 are at 100 mn [million] units and 90 mn for components and EMS. “

This is a critical point for Apple, as Kuo believes that iPhone 14 models will be more prevalent in China than the iPhone 13 models.

“My latest survey indicates that some Chinese suppliers/resellers/scalpers have to pay the vast prepaid deposit ever for iPhone 14 to ensure an adequate supply… Currently, the iPhone 14 prepaid deposit in the Chinese market is significantly greater than the iPhone 13 and even twice a hike in some areas. “

It remains to be determined what is going on with this demand, given the relatively minor improvements to the standard iPhone 14. However, leaks will accelerate once mass production is underway. Any iPhone 13 upgraders should wait until September’s launch of the iPhone 14 models.

The name “Max” is problematic as well. Any device that is a max-version implies it is the most potent version of the item; thus, phrases such as “to the maximum.” Although the connotations of ‘plus’ may not be extreme, the term implies that it is the best version of a device and has a long-standing association. This would be a better choice, as standard iPhone 14 models won’t get most major iPhone 14 Pro upgrades.

Apple’s latest branding shows that Max is being kept aside for premium hardware. The M1 (and soon M2) range consists of:

  • M1
  • M1 Pro
  • M1 Max
  • M1 Ultra

Pro is positioned above Max. Apple’s branding has been criticized for creating confusion. (See the apple Watch Edition’). But it is releasing an iPhone 14 Max that is less expensive and slower than an iPhone 14 Pro would still be crazy, even by Apple’s standards.

Omdia’s detailed report further supports Hsieh’s words. It breaks down iPhone component suppliers and distribution and order volumes for the next two years. The sheer volume of leakers talking about the iPhone 14 Max over the past months is a strong argument against this. Although it would not surprise them to make mistakes so close to launch is certainly not unusual.

There are many more questions about the iPhone 14 line — such as their eye-opening batteries, camera variations, and generational chip gap –. Still, Apple is focused on getting the message right around these phones. It all begins with a name.

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