Here Is Why Erica On ‘Stranger Things’ Is The Comeup Of The Season

Stranger Things fans know that Erica Sinclair, 11, wasn’t meant to be here for this long. Her role was secondary, something the men occasionally mentioned and alluded to. Priah portrayed Erica, but she quickly gained a more significant role. Many fans of color, especially black fans, noted that only the black characters in the first season didn’t have a back story and parents.

All that was fixed in the third season, Stranger Things. Now, with Stranger Things4 about to end Independence Day weekend in the United States of America, Erica is ready to steal the show once more or help correct it. She could, at the very least, save it.

Erica was a black woman, and I can understand Erica’s mathematical prowess and nerdiness. But only after she allowed herself to be herself. I found 80s D&D to be a subculture. Nerd culture was an entirely different sub-culture. It was rare to see black players in those days, and it was even rarer for white players to be welcomed by white groups. Lucky for me, I also had a group of neighborhood kids with whom to play games. Erica and Lucas were right. I was on the edge of being on Erica’s cheerleading team, but I also wanted to spend Saturdays at the arcade or in the basement. ( NOTE: I did this at Stranger Things in Chicago. Back then, people wanted you to choose your side and not openly claim all of your parts.

Erica’s character is refreshing because she gets early screen time, even though it isn’t enough. Although her sassy version would not have been allowed in our household, she sometimes seems natural. It’s a mix of people I know and those I know. Despite not having seen season 4, here are five reasons she is the best.

  1. Erica was small and intelligent, making her a crucial part of the Starcourt Mall Russian Operation Investigation. She was always viewed as the little sister and proved that she was much more than just a number in the family.
  2. Erica is the only American without America, and Independence Day is fast approaching.
  3. Erica is a few girls who can make it in a horror-fantasy world. She is also wise beyond her years but still retains her childhood. Do you remember when she heard her plan to crawl into the shaft? “You don’t know what this half-baked plan sounds like to you?” Child endangerment
  4. Erica did more for the town than any other character and provided some comic relief.
  5. She is “Lady Applejack,” a level-14, chaotic half-elf rogue.

We hope that a future season Stranger Things uses Erica and her incredible mind to the fullest extent.

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