4 Pillars Of Building A Firm Business Foundation

A solid foundation is needed for a home to stand firm. Contractors will attest to how important it is to erect any structure on a solid foundation. Numerous biblical references refer to the importance of building on a solid foundation. Similar to sports teams, they will develop their strategy around a solid core group. Understanding what solidness means to a business goes beyond its physical location, financial health, or customers. It is all around the people.

John Maxwell’s leadership mantras explain that valuing people is fundamental to changing your business, your community, and the world. Since starting my career, I have believed that the success or failure of a company’s people will determine its success. The most valuable asset is indeed people.


These are the four areas that HRG (Hamacher Resource Group) has stressed in its effort to nurture and develop our culture over its 42-year history. These principles can be simply applied to any company.


Definition “Marked by, or showing respect or deference.”

Our company is committed to caring for others. It could be that we are Wisconsin-based (Wisconsin has a reputation for having friendly people), or it could be because of the servant leadership traits displayed by the senior management and owners.

No matter the reason, the Golden Rule should be applied to all companies: Treat others the way you want them to treat you. A shared organizational philosophy can be built by respecting communication preferences, calendars, and communication preferences.


Definition “Willingness to consider new ideas; not prejudiced.”

It is a blessing to have curious people. One client commented recently that if his group didn’t ask such great questions, he would probably be done with market research.

It has been rewarding for the efforts with a team of people who are focused on the “what if?” or “why not?” instead of “we cannot” over the past three decades of service. The ability to challenge one another to see around corners and take one more step, even into the unknown, can open many doors that will allow a company’s growth and contribute to the industries it serves.


Definition “Always behaves the same, has the same attitudes toward people or things, and achieves the same level of success in something.”

Companies can earn and maintain a stellar reputation in their industries by being consistent. Consistency means there are common expectations and results.

There’s a difference between complacency and consistency. Our company believes it is essential to constantly look for innovative solutions to solve problems, add value to clients, and reinvent ourselves to be more agile and relevant.


Definition: “The condition or fact of knowing something through familiarity gained by experience or association.”

Our company has made it essential to share information and different viewpoints. This mentality allows associates to feel empowered to share their opinions, search for information to validate an existing idea, or conduct additional research to shed light on a decision or direction.

Your business needs people who are willing to learn and seek out information. These characteristics can benefit business growth as companies expand into new markets and introduce new products.

David Benjamin and David Komlos, authors of a June 2021 article, suggest that the pandemic has weakened the foundations of companies. A winning strategy includes restoring employee attitudes, rebuilding corporate cultures, and engaging people in building the future.

What is the bottom line? Your foundation should be built with people. Always put your employees first.

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Adam Collins
Adam writes about technology, business and economics. With master's degree in Economics, he's presented six papers in international conferences. As a solivagant in the constant state of fernweh, curiosity is the main weapon in his arsenal.

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