‘Dragon’s Dogma 2’ Is Finally Happening

Capcom is currently working on Dragon’s Dogma II.

Some video game franchises take a long time to release new games.

While Half-Life 3 is still developing, we are waiting to see if it ever comes out. However, games like Elder Scrolls VII and GTA V are sequels that have been long in the making.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrimoriginally launched in 2011. GTAV was released two years later. It is impossible to find any release date for these sequels.

These franchises are unlike your Call Of Duty or Assassin’s Creed games. They seem to keep you from spending your money for as long as possible.

There are also those games you hope will get a sequel, but you never know when it might happen. Dragon’s Dogma is one such game. I consider a Capcom Japanese RPG one of my favorite games. We got the Dark Arisen expansion/overhaul, which was fantastic, but Dragon’s Dogma came about a decade ago, and there hasn’t been a whisper as yet as to whether it will ever get a sequel.

Today, at a 10th-anniversary retrospective, Dragon_ s Dogma game Director Hideaki Itsuno announced that Dragon’s Dogma II is currently under development at Capcom. Hideaki Itsuno reveals the Dragon’s Dogma II logo at the end of the video.

This is excellent news. Dragon’s Dogma is a unique experience. It’s unlike any other game. It is a great game. Charming and clever is the Pawn system, where you can “hire out” NPC companions to assist you in your adventures. Gransys’ world is rich and exciting. This is my favorite action JRPG, along with Dark Souls (a franchise with a more frequent release cycle).

We finally have a sequel. Someday. We do not know much about the game beyond the fact that it is currently in development and will likely be released shortly. It’s probably not in the near future. Perhaps not in the distant future.

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