4 Ways To Connect Your Brand With Gen Z

What is the most common reason brands lose their “cool” appeal? How can they disappear into an outdated brand twilight zone? This is usually because the organization fails connect with its audience, and doesn’t grow along with their changing behaviors–a.k.a. They give their brand the kiss of death. Remember Blockbuster? Exactly. It could not keep up with the times and missed the streaming and downloadable music revolutions that could have made it a market leader. What did the result look like? Blockbuster was lost forever. Poof!

Many brands are looking to reach younger audiences. A failure to connect with Generation Z or millennials could leave your industry open to takeover.

Connecting with younger audiences is one of the best ways to remain relevant. It also helps to keep your fingers on the pulse for innovation. Good news: Working with younger organizations can allow you to access their audiences and help you expand your business faster and cost-effectively. Here are some options to help you do this:

Work with other entrepreneurs.

Collaboration is a way to build community. It has been long underestimated for its incredible power in helping businesses develop faster and more efficiently, increase online reach and get in front of the right people. Collaboration with leaders in your field can allow you to access the right audience instantly. You can exchange value by being a mentor for an aspiring entrepreneur with a foundational audience of the young demographics you are trying to reach.

Talk at events and on podcasts.

Although public speaking is not for everyone, it can effectively connect with your audience. Younger generations are a great place to connect with attendees and build momentum. One of the best ways to communicate with your target audience is by speaking at live events and podcasts. Make a list of 10 podcasts and events most relevant to your brand’s niche and mission. Go online and search for critical contacts for each podcast or event. You now have a small database that you can use to pitch for speaking slots at both online and offline events.

Make sure to choose topics that align with your brand as well as those that are current trends with younger audiences. Trending topics right now include mental health, entrepreneurship, and body positivity. In today’s world, customizable products or services are extensive. They celebrate our style and requirements. Also, empowering work culture is essential and offers workplace benefits. Find the organizer information, Google the event, and create your mini database. Then pitch.

Tip: Create one-page PDF speakers media cards that describe who you are, what you speak about, and your mission. Your one-page should be sent along with your pitch for event or podcast organizers.

Tap into influencer marketing.

You have probably noticed that all three hacks revolve around human connections. Influencers are not an exception. It would help if you targeted influencers with a large, engaged following within your targeted audience. You can use location hashtags to identify top industry influencers.

For example, a swimwear brand looking for fashion and swimwear content creators in Miami for campaigns around the upcoming Miami Swim Week in July can find local creatives by using geographic hashtags such as #miamimodel #miamiblogger #swimwearmodelmiami #miamiinfluencer #miamiswimweek2022 and #miamifashionblogger.


Hosting interns is a great way to create an innovative work environment surpassing all others. If you are willing to pay them, hosting interns is a great way to do your good deed. Internships can be a win-win situation for everyone. You can pitch new clients and work with existing clients, while students get valuable experience and learn about your company. This saves you time, energy, and money on hiring people who may not be the right fit.

The best news is: that Gen Z is now the future workforce. They are the most technologically-intelligent group we have ever seen and have never lived in a world without the internet. Gen Zers want to connect with brands to grow their expertise, network, and everything in between. These trends can be tied to your company’s mission and speaking topics, giving you the golden ticket.

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