‘Top Gun 2,’ ‘Doctor Strange 2’ And ‘Everything, Everywhere’ Pass Box Office Milestones

Top Gun Maverick, Doctor Strange, and Everything Everywhere At Once in the Multiverse of Madness

Skydance and Paramount’s Top Gun: Maverick earned another $12.71million on Wednesday. This is a 14% and 8% decrease from last Wednesday, respectively, bringing its domestic total to $334.5 million. This brings it to $100 million, the domestic high-water mark Tom Cruise had previously achieved (sans inflation) with Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds. The film’s $160.5 million Fri-Mon opening weekend has doubled in raw post-debut legs.

It is already leggier than the three X-Men Memorial Day openers (The Last Stand and Days of Future Past and Apocalypse), Fast & Furious 6 (a total of $238 million from a $117M debut in 2013), and Solo: A Star Wars Story (a total of $214 million/$103M in 2018). It will presumably pass The Batman on Saturday ($369 million from a $134 million debut) to be the second-biggest domestic earner before it passes Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ($392 million-and-counting) in the coming weeks.

It has earned $625-$635 million worldwide so far. This is a rough estimate. It will surpass The Batmanin less than a week to be ranked second worldwide in 2022. It will easily catch Doctor Strange 2 in domestic earnings, even if it doesn’t reach the $900 million-plus cumulative MCU sequel.

The Sam Raimi-directed Marvel movie passed the $911million global gross of China’s The Battle at Lake Changjin in late 2021. It is now the second-largest Covid-era movie, behind Marvel and Sony’s Spider-Man. ($1.891 billion-plus $0.00 from China). The Everywhere, All at Once of A24 will surpass the $61.7 million domestic revenue of MGM and Channing Turner’s dog. AGBO, the company that Mike Larocca and Russos founded, produced the indie hit. It is currently the third-largest live-action original after the pandemic.

The Daniels-directed multiverse fantasy starring Michelle Yeoh (starring Ke Huy Quan) is second to The Lost City ($104 million) and Free Guy$120 million, respectively, in original Hollywood releases. Yes, Lost City and Dog both star Channing Tatum. While I credit Sandra Bullock for the latter, they provide more evidence that Tatum can still be bankable even when he isn’t playing an action hero.

AGBO: Let’s hope The Grey Man (a $200 million actioner starring Chris Evans and Ana De Armas) plays as well as Extraction. Their “Tom Clancy dressed in tights” plotting, “The Raidbut without capes” action sequences in Captain America were crucial reasons why Marvel became a blockbuster powerhouse. The action in Civil War was also great, so I’m willing to give them the benefit. The Battle at Lake Changjin and 2 are now extensive tests for China.

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