3 Ways To Avoid Failure As A Startup CEO

How often have you heard CEOs or managers say they know what their employees need and what drives them to be productive? You can bet that they have listened to this countless times. They probably don’t. They think they know best, but they don’t listen or read between the lines. It’s even more difficult when you start from scratch.

From what I have seen, startups often fail within the first year. It’s not because they have a product or lack of money. But because their team is exhausted and can’t get the job done. These situations can be avoided if you pay close attention to the details.

Let them pick their office.

Remote work is more common than ever. We can’t deny that many people love this type of work. Let them choose their office. Your team members or friends may be more productive at home, in the garden, or a park. Let them manage their time, and you will trust them. This is an essential aspect.

Others may prefer to be in the office, socializing and working while others are there. That’s fine, too. For some people, simply being in an office is more beneficial. Different people are suitable for different things. Acceptance of everyone’s ways is key to success.

Remote work is dividing companies and people. Remote work can be hybrid, at home or from the office. You should support your team members in making their decisions. If they are not happy with their results, you can talk to them and determine the root cause.

Use the right tools.

Software is a way to make our lives easier. The software industry has made our lives easier over the past few years. It has allowed us to improve certain aspects of work, business, and personal lives. The right tools can make a huge difference, especially when working remotely.

During the startup stage, you’ll have many ideas. Sometimes so many that your entire team will be overwhelmed. A project management tool is a great way to give your team a view of the bigger picture and see current projects, future ideas, and daily tasks.

This tool can help employees understand their departments better, analyze their work, and feel proud of the things they accomplish every day. As a CEO, you can come up with any crazy idea because you have the ideal playground.

A tool that automates work and keeps minds fresh is an excellent option for managers. Do not let your employees get bogged down in repetitive tasks. Instead, save them for creating jobs and personal growth.

Encourage them towards their passions.

Let’s face it. A team of robots is not what you want. It would help if you had a couple with different personalities, interests, and passions to be successful as a CEO. It is essential to realize that your life is not the same startup as it is for them. Work is not the only primary thing that defines your life. If you want your teams to succeed, let them be passionate about what they do. You won’t be the 75% who fail because they will keep their minds healthy and creative.

Who wouldn’t love a team that encourages people to pursue different interests and help them be better?

Most people want to find balance in their personal and professional lives. This is a win-win situation for all involved. It’s not about money, numbers, marketing, or sales. Business problems and product-market fit are not the only reasons for failure. These problems can be solved. Failure is not at the bottom, but at the top. Failure is when you don’t listen to your team, their needs or work together as you want. These startups are often just ideas that want to get it done quickly and with minimal work.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in one day. Top startups are no different. Think like a human and then act like one. People will follow the person, not the job.

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Adam Collins
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