NFTs Are So Much More Than Just Jpegs, They Are Redefining Access And Ownership In Media And Entertainment

The non-fungible tokens (NFTs) remain somewhat confusing for sure. Although there’s plenty of buzz about NFTs in the entertainment and media industries, There’s also a fair amount of criticism and doubt. Certain critics dismiss NFTs as simply expensive jpegs purchased and sold on the internet. Even those who adopt an equivocal stance frequently refer to NFTs as identical to NFT art or files of digital artwork.

However, when we dig deeper into the capabilities of NFTs, it becomes apparent that they are more than just images. The NFTs represents ” the golden promise of Web3″ and have the potential to transform the entertainment and media industries. One of the most exciting opportunities for NFTs lies in their capacity to open up lucrative opportunities for benefits for NFT holders, such as advantages, the ability to experience, and access to the Community.

Unlocking Benefits Access

A prominent aspect of the appeal of NFTs is the unique advantages they provide their owners. In the last few years, we’re seen NFTs utilized in Membership clubs or subscription plans that offer subscribers and members exclusive advantages. Through subscription models, entertainment and media companies can give NFT users access to benefits like exclusive access to items, exclusive edition items, or other limited and beneficial uses. They can also develop access passes similar to digital tickets, which give holders access to various restricted benefits. Famous DJ Steve Aoki, for example, is one of the companies that has launched an NFT-only membership program named A0K1VERSE, in which NFT members are granted exclusive access to digital and physical rewards, such as free tickets to concerts.

Entertainment and media companies could follow the footsteps of companies such as Starbucks SBUX +4.1 percent, which has recently made public plans to start NFTs. The company is promising to offer NFT users access to exclusive benefits. Although Starbucks has remained silent regarding the specifics, many people have speculated on what these exclusive benefits could be. Michael Wolf, CEO and the founder of The Spoon, predicts that the company could provide benefits such as “first access to exclusive beverages or roasts of coffee, free monthly food item on the menu, and even digital resources like coffee recipes that are special.”

NFTs utilize the most recent technologies in digital. However, their advantages aren’t just restricted to the digital space. NFTs also provide benefits through tangible items such as clothing, collectibles, etc. We’ve witnessed NFT collaborations between brands like Adidas and Bored Ape Yacht Club, in addition to GAP and Frank Ape. Gap, for instance, partnered with Frank Ape to create an augmented NFT experience that converts physical Hoodies into collectibles made of digital technology. This game-based NFT Experience is positioned to shake up entertainment and media.

Giving the ability to experience

NFTs also provide holders with access to exclusive, valuable, and limited experiences. They offer a variety of backgrounds and span from personal to virtual experiences. Flyfish Club is an entire restaurant scheduled to open in 2023. Entry can be purchased through an NFT. Members are granted unlimited access to a luxurious 10,000 square feet of dining space located in New York City and other dining experiences. Flyfish is among the many NFT “social club” which have popped up in the growth of NFTs and creating a name for themselves in the entertainment sector.

Experiences powered by NFT are surfacing through events-based experiences. For a while, at the starting of the year Coachella unveiled a collection of collectible NFTs as an electronic ” Coachella Key.” Coachella Key holders get lifetime access to the festival each year for life in addition to different experiences like an exclusive dinner prepared by celebrities in The Coachella Rose Garden and front and center-stage views of the Coachella Stage. Coachella Stage.

There are also some traditional NFTs being combined with more experiential ones. For instance, when serial businessman Gary Vaynerchuck launched his NFT collection dubbed Vee Friends, he gave holders access to the Vee Con experience, a yearly gathering. He offered them the ability to access digital artwork.

unlocking access to the Community

Alongside giving access to opportunities and benefits, they also help create and facilitate access to the Community. This has been clearly on show in the Ukraine crisis when the nation and its supporters across the globe have banded together by using NFTs. Ukraine’s government has made funds from NFTs utilized as war bonds. Ukrainian NFT artist Artem Humilevskiy (along with many other artists) has built a large following through his self-portraits which are now a powerful collective image of opposition against Ukraine and its citizens. Additionally, TIMEpieces is, a Web3 NFT community of The TIME magazine, has created an exhibit titled “Make art, not war,” where the profits go to Ukrainian aid and humanitarian efforts.

Alongside allowing access to the Community, NFTs can also be associated with an exciting ownership element. DAOs or decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are groups managed and controlled by their members. They permit the members of their Community to purchase NFTs or NFT collections. In addition to DAOs, NFTs may also contain powerful ownership elements. Bud Light is one of the many companies that have benefited from this aspect of ownership. Corey Brown, senior digital director at Bud Light, has stated that “NFTs continue to change how we think about community, ownership, and technology.” Bud Light recently announced NFTs in conjunction with the launch of the Zero-Carb Bud Light Next beer. The purchase of NFTs grants holders access to brand merchandise, brand merchandise and partner events in addition to certain voting rights in brand-related decisions such as the appearance of products.

More than Jpegs

There are different reasons to be skeptical of NFTs. There will always be obstacles ahead. and Some NFTs will continue to be heady-scratching–like the nearly $400,000 low-resolution cartoon whale created by a 12-year-old. However, NFTs remain in the game and are expected to stay disruptive to the entertainment and media industries. One of the main reasons for their worth and potential longevity is the lucrative access they offer through access to experiences, benefits, and communities.

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