3 Ways To Scale Your Marketing Channels

Marketing analytics discussed by a business team.

Marketing is an art. Modern marketing has many scientific aspects. Analytics and data play an essential role. Standard tools for tech are data and analytics. However, the reality is that humans need to design and implement strategies, choose the tools, and then execute them.

Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all activity. This is due to the constant evolution of consumer sentiment. Marketing must constantly be evolving, adapting, and growing.

Here are some tips for scaling up existing marketing channels.

1. Increase Your Podcast Presence

Podcasts are an effective way to promote your company in 2020. After two decades of incubation, podcasting has emerged as a popular channel for marketing to most industries.

It’s not enough to have a podcast. It is essential to find ways to maximize every aspect of your podcasting efforts.

In this example, the podcasting growth and analytics platform coHost highlights five stages of the marketing funnel where podcasting can have an impact:

  • Awareness;
  • Interest;
  • Consideration;
  • Intent;
  • Buy.

This means that if your podcast doesn’t help with any of the five stages of your marketing funnel, there is plenty of growth potential.

This can be done in many ways. CTAs can be used to increase intent. Customers can enjoy exclusive podcast episodes that encourage purchases.

Spend some time evaluating the marketing areas that your podcast is currently addressing. Next, create a strategy that will expand your vision to all levels of the marketing funnel.

2. Increase traffic with on-site SEO

Your website is one of your most prominent marketing channels. It is also the heart of your digital presence. It is also a great way to drive traffic to your brand.

This can be done in many ways, including PPC (pay per click) ads, guest postings with backlinks, and working with influencers (more details below).

On-site SEO is another critical method to increase your online traffic. On-page SEO is also known as on-page SEO. It involves optimizing your website for maximum organic search traffic.

Page 1 Power SEO experts offer several methods to improve your on-page SEO.

  • Keywords;
  • Header tags and title
  • URLs;
  • Links between internal and external;
  • Page loading speed;
  • Images and multimedia

These are just a few methods you can improve your website’s functionality.

3. Increase your Influencer Network

Influencers are a viral channel in today’s social media-heavy marketing world. They give them instant access to a loyal following that trusts their content. In every industry, there are many types of influencers.

The size of their following is another way to classify influencers. These are broken down by Kaya Ismail, founder of Wordify.

  • Mega-influencers with more than a million fans;
  • Macro-influencers with between 100,000 and 1,000,000 followers.
  • Micro-influencers with between 1,000 and 100,000 followers
  • Nano-influencers with less than 1000 followers

Businesses often take their marketing budget and determine how high they can scale their influencer strategy. You might also want to try the opposite approach if you’re scaling up your marketing channels.

They have an excellent reputation for having a large following with high engagement rates. They can provide targeted marketing at a topical and geographic level.

You can’t think larger if you want to increase your influencer marketing. You might also want to consider more minor.

Marketing can be improved in many ways. There are many ways to improve marketing. However, just as retaining clients is cheaper than getting new ones, enhancing existing channels can be more effective than starting from scratch.

Review your marketing channels to see which ones are effective. Next, identify which elements are failing. The ending thing you should do is to see at untapped potential. This could be due to a lackluster SEO strategy, ineffective influencer strategy, or a poorly-used podcast presence. These can be improved to scale your channels and, by extension, your overall marketing efforts.

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Krishna Chaitanya
Krishna is a digital media strategist with experience in the media and publishing industries, He is also the lead marketing strategist for Hustle Chronicle. He is currently employed at Intentify Media & resides in India.

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