How Elsa Majimbo Went From Anonymous Nairobi Teenager To Social Media Comedian With 2.5 Million Instagram Followers

Elsa Majimbo speaks with Tania Habimana, CNBC Africa’s Under 30 Summit Africa.

Elsa Majimbo gained 2.5 million followers on Instagram in just two years. She eats potato chips in bed and encourages her followers to have a good time. The 20-year-old has been a celebrity thanks to her antics. She was featured on the Teen Vogue cover in a Maison Valentino campaign, and has a documentary.

Majimbo stated, “Growing up I always knew I would become iconic,” at the 2022 Forbes 30Under 30 Summit Africa, Gaborone, Botswana. “I did not understand how it would go, but I knew it would happen.”

Majimbo’s tale is one of the authentic rags to WME representation riches. Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Majimbo was the first of her family members to go to college. She studied journalism at Strathmore University. Majimbo had to become isolated and engaged in remote learning when Covid-19 struck. Majimbo posted a video showing how she didn’t miss human contact and gained instant social media fame.

Majimbo explains that she dropped out of college after becoming viral. “The first thing I did when I became famous was sending an email and quitting,” Majimbo said. It was delusional but I believed that I could succeed. “It was delusional, but I believed that I could succeed. “I’m going to become a superstar.”

It was evident that it resonated with others, including celebrities like Rihanna, Steve Harvey, and Lupita Nyong’o. They began obsessing about her videos about finding a boyfriend using her pillow, 12-hour TV viewing, and comedy narcissism. Majimbo moved to Los Angeles to pursue a comedy career, including endorsement deals with Logitech and Fenty. Majimbo referred to herself as a millionaire in her conversation with Tania Habimana, CNBC Africa anchor. (A representative of Majimbo clarified that she is worth millions but claimed she was a millionaire for comic purposes.

Her advice for young entrepreneurs? “Enjoy your life. You don’t have to be discouraged by people who aren’t so deep, but you can do what you want.

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