How to Create More Personalized Experiences at Work

Employees have the freedom to choose their employer today. They want more than a regular salary and good benefits when looking to change careers.

What are employees most passionate about? And what keeps them happy and engaged? This is what our investigation has explained us.

Employees would like to work for a company with values that align with theirs.

Employees place high importance on their mental and physical health when choosing where to work. It’s not surprising that people feel burnt out two years after the pandemic. Nearly 2/3 (58%) of workers say their job is the primary source of their mental health problems.

Employees are looking for better technology experiences with hybrid and remote work. Workers who believe their technology enables productivity is 158% more engaged than those who do not and 61% more intent to stay with the company for at least three years.

Understanding how employees feel about their job is crucial to understanding turnover, burnout, and other issues.

How can employers adapt to the changing expectations and needs of their employees? Understanding how certain moments of the employee journey affect their overall experience and willingness to remain with the company is the key.

Personalized experiences are possible through Holistic listening.

In the last two years, companies around the globe have been asking employees for feedback more often or implementing an employee listening strategy. This includes what employees think about remote work experiences and their overall well-being. However, leaders of companies often only focus on analyzing experience data, which is how employees feel about work at specific times. They don’t connect the dots between different moments and how they impact each other. Employers are unable to see the whole picture of their employees and cannot identify and fix issues that are most likely to impact employee retention, engagement, and productivity.

The Employee Experience ID from Qualtrics combines employees’ experience data over time. This includes their preferences (i.e., How and when employees prefer work, engagement, performance, and feedback about work.

This allows company leaders to spot trends in similar employee groups and suggest actions that can be taken to increase engagement and productivity. Organizations could, for example, identify female middle managers as the most likely to leave and ask for feedback to help them make changes to improve their employee experience. Employers can gain a competitive advantage by gaining this level of insight to attract and retain top talent.

It is crucial that employees feel confident that their personal information is kept private when providing personalized employee experiences. An individual‘s quarterly pulse on their work experience will not be revealed.

Understanding the effect of individual experiences on engagement, retention

Employee Journey Analytics, a new capability powered By Employee Experience ID, reveals how each moment in an employee’s journey – including onboarding, hiring, manager interactions, technology experience, and more – impacts one another.

A multinational retailer found that employees whose managers contacted them before their first day at work had a higher likelihood of saying their jobs met or exceeded expectations. They also reported less stress than those who didn’t hear from their managers before their first day. The researchers also discovered that texting managers had a more significant impact on engagement than email. This company analyzed feedback from onboarding and compared it with engagement metrics to direct managers to take small but crucial steps to welcome new employees and improve their team’s performance.

Organizations that are responsive and empathic will be a top choice for employees. Current and potential employees will notice organizations using operational and personal data to personalize their workplace experiences. This allows them to give people what they need and want to feel at work.

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