The Apple Watch Is A Promising Venture In Healthcare Technology

Apple is a household favorite worldwide. The Apple Watch is the lucid leader in intelligent watch sales: according to research reports, Apple Watch accounted for almost 40% of all smartphone watch sales in the fourth quarter of 2020. Samsung was second with 10%.

The Apple Watch is not only one of the most popular smart devices, but it also offers a unique offer for the company to enter the field of wearables and healthcare technology. Many health-related features are available on the Watch, including heart rate monitoring and an electrocardiogram (ECG), which can findout abnormal heart rhythms, fall detection, and oxygen saturation. Apple’s Fitness platform is another feature. The business claims it is the first to use Apple Watch for fitness. It offers “11 workout options, including HIIT, Yoga, and Strength […] guided mediations real-time metrics like your heart rate [and] new workouts every week, ranging from 5 to 45 min.”

The prospects for Apple’s healthcare offerings look very bright. Earlier this month, a report by Bloomberg indicated that Apple is looking to expand its healthcare offerings further with its proprietary technology. As per the information report, Apple is working on a blood pressure monitoring function. The company is still working on the features, but accuracy, product viability, and patient efficacy remain vital metrics.

The drive of the technology company to build these products is admirable, considering the potential value they could provide millions of people.

Non-invasive glucose monitoring is one example. According to the World Health Organization, in 2014, almost 422 million people had diabetes worldwide. This number has likely risen in the past eight years. Many of these people have to stick their noses into sharp needles several times per day to monitor blood glucose. This is uncomfortable and tedious. Although non-invasive glucose monitoring technology isn’t groundbreaking, Apple will make this feature a seamless part of its Apple Watch. This will ease the burden on millions around the world.

A blood pressure monitor may be an additional benefit. According to the Mayo Clinic, A hypertensive emergency is a drastic increase in blood pressure, leading to stroke. Hypertension […] may cause blood vessel damage. Blood vessels can become inflamed, leaking fluid or blood. The heart may become inflamed and leak fluid or blood. A wearable device that measures blood pressure may prove an asset for those who need it.

These strides better understand Apple’s role as a technology leader. Although Apple was initially a company that focused on computers and hardware, it has expanded its capabilities to include entertainment, telecommunications, and personal devices. The company’s commitment to using these technologies in a wide range of essential applications, such as healthcare, shows that it is dedicated to improving the quality of life for consumers. Although many of these new healthcare offerings are still in development, Apple has a track record of success in delivering groundbreaking technology. These far-reaching features will soon be a reality.

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