Lizzo Releases a New Single From Her Upcoming Album, and It’s ‘About Damn Time’

After nearly a decade as an individualistic artist, Lizzo made mainstream in 2019. Fans have been waiting eagerly to see what the Houston-raised “bop” star will deliver next since Cuz You won her Grammy.

“Rumors,” Lizzo’s collaboration from last summer with Cardi B, was the first taste of her fourth album special due out July 15. She’s now back with “About Damn Time,” her new single. It’s a long-awaited return to the music industry, as Lizzo has been preparing for it.

Lizzo spoke about her excitement at returning to the limelight with James Corden in an interview. “Three freaking years, baby, I’ve worked on this album!” The singer laughed. “I feel incredible.” She kept her recordings close to her friends and only showed her mother the project when she felt it was perfect. It was a hit with her.

Ricky Reed is the Grammy-winning producer behind many of Lizzo’s most recent hits, including “Truth Hurts,” “Tempo,” and “Rumors.” Reed created the song. This week she launched her new shapewear line, Yitty, and is gearing up to host and perform a double-feature on Saturday Night Live.

She said that she wanted to take her time and enjoy the song. I didn’t want it to be rushed. I wanted to make music that I needed and the music that I felt the world needed.

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