The Happiest States—And How To Be Happy No Matter Where You Live

The Happiest States—And How To Be Happy No Matter Where You Live
The Happiest States—And How To Be Happy No Matter Where You Live

New data has revealed which states are the most content (hint, they may not be what you predicted). It’s fascinating to see where your state ranks and even imagine a move. It is also helpful to determine what factors most affect happiness. These are things you can do to increase satisfaction based on the environment around you and your strategies.

Many studies have shown that your happiness results from three factors: genes; conditions, and choices. There is, perhaps, a gene that can bring you happiness. Your environment is also essential. It’s what you’ve done before and where you are now. What’s equally important is your choice. Even if it’s impossible to win the gene lottery or have an idyllic life, you can still create the conditions that lead to happiness. This will make a difference in your satisfaction, joy, contentment, and overall happiness.

Happy States

Which states are most happy? According to a survey by Amerisleep North Dakota (#1) is the most content state, followed closely by South Dakota, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Kentucky (#50), followed by West Virginia and Tennessee, Nevada, Ohio (see complete list below). The state happiness rankings were calculated using a combination of metrics such as residents’ education, health, safety, and work hours (see complete list below).

North Dakota was the happiest state on the list. This is due to critical factors such as income growth and open spaces. Vermont was second for happiness due to better health statistics, such as lower rates and more sleep reports by residents, and easy access to hospitals. Nebraska was ranked third due to shorter commute times and easy access to health clubs. It also had a lower average number of workers. California is fourth. This was due to its large amount of green spaces compared with other states.

Happy wherever you live

However, you can be cheerful wherever you are located. The data is based on what makes people smile. The global index of over 100,000 participants from OCED Better Life Index reveals that people are united around what they want and what is important to them.

Here’s a list of what makes people happy, in order of importance: Health, education, work-life balance and safety, environment, housing, income. This data can help you take the steps necessary to increase your joy and satisfaction.

Learn What’s Important To You

Understanding what’s most important to your happiness is one of the keys. Maybe you agree with the majority and value education and health. If you disagree with this, it works. Knowing what is essential will help you focus and spend your time in meaningful pursuits. The old saying is that your life is as much about how you use your moments as how you live them. As you consider your budget, make sure to spend your time on the most important things to you.

Take Action To Improve Your Conditions

While the world around you can influence your happiness, you can also create the conditions that will make you the happiest. Research shows that happiness can also be achieved when you take control of your life and make changes to improve it.

It is important to prioritize health and happiness. If this is true, you should make time to exercise and try to get enough sleep. Seek help if anxiety or depression is a problem. As you strive to be healthy, an app could help you track your food intake. As much as you value your work-life balance, it is essential that you are happy in all aspects of your life. Studies have shown that step forward is associated with greater happiness. It was also part of this study. Consider volunteering for causes that are close to your heart. You can also find work-life balance in the global data by reducing commute time. Relocating closer to your job may be an option. You can also reduce the commute time and make the commute more rewarding with audiobooks, carpooling, or driving with colleagues.

You can also advocate for improvements in your local community. According to the happiness index, income, safety and housing levels are all related to happiness. You can also make changes at home by joining forces to improve these elements.

Take advantage of what’s around you.

While not everyone lives in a state with large homes and green space, every area is worth noticing. Wander around a neighborhood if you are unable to walk along the river. A good friend can take you to a local coffee shop if there isn’t a designated downtown area. Education ranks high on the list of factors people value most for happiness. But if your location doesn’t offer any educational outlets, you can find one online and sign up with a friend.

You should make the most of what you have. A study on happiness found a correlation between happiness and gratitude. Higher appreciation tends to encourage greater joy. 

Letting Go of Perfection

One myth about happiness is that it should never stop growing (happiness inflation). In reality, happiness fluctuates. It is possible to feel a general sense of joy and contentment, even when you aren’t feeling your best.

The same goes for working in difficult situations. Some aspects of your job are your best, while others are less. While you love your partner, some things may bother you. No place is perfect. There are pros & cons to every choice. You need to make the right choices and choose what is most important.

Prioritize what is most important to your life, and take steps towards achieving those goals. Don’t try to be perfect or wait for perfection. Just make the best decisions possible and try your best to create the circumstances that make you the happiest.

Although it is possible to find what makes people happy and rank states with the highest happiness levels, it is also possible to make happiness subjective. You can be confident in your happiness preferences and not compare yourself to others. You can achieve satisfaction wherever you live by making positive choices about your mind and actions.

North Dakota is among the top 10 most cheerful states. Kentucky ranks 50th, followed by West Virginia and Washington.

Each state was ranked based on 17 factors: depression rate, sleep quality, number and type of people who report it, number and size of health clubs, suicide rate, income growth, divorce rates, volunteer numbers, average commute times, average house sizes. State forests cover a large portion of the state. There are also several national parks. These are the top priorities of people, and they include health, education, work/life balance, safety, security, housing, income, and environment.

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