How to increase your customer satisfaction for your ecommerce business on shopify

You’re a busy entrepreneur running your e-commerce business,  and researching the best survey apps you can use to optimize your Shopify store is time-taking. So, we took the freedom of doing this legwork for you.

These apps can help you create polls, surveys, and feedback forms to understand how satisfied your customers are with your products and service.

Top listed Survey Tool Apps for your business

  • Free shipping bar
  • Nudgify
  • Locksmith
  • Product Reviews
  • Plug-in SEO
  • One click Social login
  • Social Photos
  • Referral candy

Free Shipping Bar

Free shipping Bar aims to improve sales and increase average cart values by setting progressive shipping goals. As a bonus for purchasing multiple items, consumers today expect free shipping. According to data from recent years, 88% of consumers would shop online if they could get free shipping. In a slide out, you can display your offer of free shipping. When consumers add more items to their shopping carts, display progressive messages. When customers receive free shipping offers, be sure to congratulate them. Keep track of the performance of every bar so you can determine which shipping goals result in the highest sales.

Features of Free Shipping Bar

  • Geotargeting
  • Display page targeting
  • Exclude page targeting
  • Currency Detection

Prices of Free Shipping Bar

  • Basic plan – Free
  • Premium plan – $9.99 per month

Click here to get a free trial month with Free Shipping Bar


Nudgify is a social proof application that helps brands in over 138 countries and 30 languages increase trust and sales by sending personalized Nudges. Nudgify is an app for Social Proof that helps websites increase confidence and sales. Subtle notifications, also known as “nudges,” can trigger emotions and incite visitors to take action. Nudgify makes online experiences real-life and engaging. Nudgify is a social proof app that helps brands in over 138 countries and 30 languages increase trust and sales by sending personalized Nudges. Nudgify is an app for Social Proof that helps websites increase confidence and sales. Subtle notifications, also known as “nudges,” can trigger emotions and incite visitors to take action. Nudgify makes online experiences real-life and engaging.

Features of Nudgify

  • Recent Activity – Show off recent conversions or recent sign-ups and increase trust
  • Stock Data Feed  – Show real-time stock data with an automatic feed
  • Form Autocapture – Automatically display new sign-ups
  • Nudge Templates- Pre-configured Nudges for e-Commerce, Travel, SaaS and more
  • Nudge Builder – Make new Nudges with your own words and pictures
  • Display Rules – Decide on which pages and devices your Nudges should appear
  • Custom Styles – Adjust your themes to set the right tone
  • 31 Languages – Nudgify fully supports 31 different languages
  • Drag-drop Streams- Create streams and show your Nudges in order
  • Custom Links – Take people from one page to another with Nudge links

Prices of Nudgify

  • Agency $89 per month
  • Genius $29 per month
  • Plus $9 per month
  • Lite $099 per month

Click here to get a free trial month with Nudgify


Locksmith is used to accessing your online storefront. They have been doing this for a long time. Locksmith’s ability to be a tool is based on a simple but versatile idea: lock to protect your content and keys that let different people into.

Features of Locksmith

  • has a certain tag
  • is signed in
  • gives a certain passcode
  • arrives via a secret link
  • is not signed in
  • does not have a certain tag
  • gives one of many passcodes
  • subscribes to your Mailchimp list or newsletter
  • subscribes to your Klaviyo list or newsletter
  • has one of many email addresses
  • the customer’s email contains something specific
  • has purchased a specific product
  • has placed at least x orders
  • has a certain product in their cart
  • has a certain variant in their cart
  • has at least $x in their cart
  • has a certain IP address
  • is visiting from a certain country
  • is visiting before a certain date and time
  • is visiting after a certain date and time

Prices of Locksmith

  • Basic Shopify – $9 per month
  • Shopify – $29 per month
  • Advanced Shopify – $99 per month
  • Shopify plus – $199 per month

Click here to get a free trial month with Locksmith

Product Reviews

The easiest way to convey your customers’ experiences.

Features of Product Reviews

  • Increase Sales – Increase the sales of reviewed products
  • Improve SEO Results – Add SEO-friendly review scores to your Google search results
  • Flexible Design – Fully customizable design looks great with any theme

Click here to get a free trial month with Product Reviews

Plug-in SEO

Plug-In SEO is among the highest-rated Shopify SEO apps with an easy-to-use interface for boosting your shop’s SEO. Plug-In SEO for Shopify is what Yoast is for WordPress. The whole On-Page SEO app for managing SEO optimization, improving search rankings, & driving more traffic to your shop.

Features of Plug-in SEO

  • Structured Data/JSON-LD Schema Markup aka. Rich Snippets
  • Templates to edit meta titles & descriptions in bulk
  • Fix Headings, Image ALT tags, Filenames
  • Detect & fix broken links/404 pages
  • Google Search Console (Webmaster Tool) integration
  • Keyword Tool & Suggestions
  • SEO For product, collection, home & blog pages
  • Periodic SEO health check report
  • Supports Multilingual/Non-English Language SEO
  • Easy to follow training videos
  • 5-star customer support
  • Constantly updated as Search Engines change

Pricig of Plug-in SEO

  • Free forever – Free
  • Plug In SEO Plus  – $20/month
  • Plug In SEO Pro – $29.99/month

Click here to get a free trial month with Plug-in SEO

One click Social login

One-click social login is an automatic login and signup for social networks. Customers will be able to login in seconds using their favorite social networks. Sign up for customers is simplified; They won’t be required to remember another password. Allow them to do their job, and they’ll return to your store. Utilize your networking power. Social networks are here to stay. Please make use of their social media power to grow your company.

Features of One click Social login

  • Get automatic social login
  • Simplify customers signup
  • Use the networking power

Pricing  of One click Social login

  • Basic plan – $2.99/month
  • Standard plan – $4.99/month
  • Pro plan – $9.99/month

Click here to get a free trial month with One click Social login

Social Photos

Social Photos displays galleries of user-generated pictures on your store. Social photos can be used with the Vintage and Online Store 2.0 themes. Their support team is available to assist with installation, customization, or migration.

Features of Social Photos

  • Create Social Proof from UGC
  • Curate From Instagram & Upload
  • Customizable Shoppable Gallery
  • Gets Notified of New Content
  • Analytics To Show Your Best Customer Photos & Boost Sales
  • Share & Extend Your Reach

Pricing  of Social Photos

  • Basic plan – $15/month
  • Advance plan – $30/month
  • Premium plan – $50/month

Click here to get a free trial month with Social Photos

Referral Candy

Referral Candy helps you reach new customers by using a referral program. ReferralCandy is a referral marketing program that allows Shopify Plus merchants to get new customers and grow their brand via word-of-mouth. It also builds customer loyalty through a refer-a-friend program. ReferralCandy helped top merchants to generate millions in referral business. They have created referral programs across many industries, including fashion, athleisure nutrition, electronics, baby, and other products.

Features of Referral Candy

  • Launch your referral program in just 30 minutes
  • Automate your referral program and watch the numbers grow
  • Deliver a branded customer experience
  • Detect suspicious transactions and take action with Fraud Center
  • Connect your favorite marketing apps for power-ups

Pricing of Referral Candy

  • Premium plan – $49/month

Click here to get a free trial month with Referral Candy

How to increase your customer satisfaction for your ecommerce business on shopify

Customer feedback is essential to deliver more of the customer’s expectations. However, how do you get customers to share their experiences with you when everyone’s inboxes, push notifications, and texts are flooded with customer survey requests?

These tips can help you craft surveys your customers love to take. You’ll also get valuable information you can use to grow and improve your business.

1. Decide what you should ask your customers

The statement “I want to hear what my customers think about my store” is too general. It would support if you portrayed on the specific issues that interest you.

Quartz, a technology and business publisher, asked its subscribers recently, “Would your friends recommend Quartz membership?” Why or not? This two-minute survey will help you improve your experience.

This request is explicit that the survey has an objective – to learn how to get more subscribers via referrals – and it won’t belong.

Also, be specific. You can specify your customers for more information, such as adding additional payment options to your store will increase your sales. Ask your survey participants to pick their favorites or add a tick-box or dropdown menu listing the new payment options you are considering.

2. Keep your customer feedback survey brief

Marketers, scientists, and advertisers all have different ideas about the correct length for surveys. The results range from 7 minutes (about 12 questions) up to 20 minutes (which is… excessive). One constant across different studies is that people are less likely to complete a survey if it is too long.

The exact number of questions you answer in your survey depends on what information you’re looking for. But, 12 or fewer questions is a good idea, considering the time limit of seven minutes. (I prefer to answer three or fewer questions, but that’s just me.

A progress bar can be used to keep respondents from giving up before they complete your survey.

Example of customer survey showing a progress bar

SurveyMonkey discovered that respondents spend less time thinking about their answers the shorter your surveys should be. A more concise survey will likely result in better quality data.

Could you not make it too long? It can make customers feel like they don’t care about their time. Respectful is to keep the survey short. It is also vital to sweeten the deal.

3. Reward your customers for answering your survey

I get many customer surveys requests, just like everyone who shops online or via apps. I ignore most of these requests, like everyone.

However, I almost always participate in a couple of brands: the local pizza place that offers rewards points to my account and the insurance that provides a few Amazon Bucks. I appreciate that they are open to accepting the value I provide by having me take their surveys.

The reward for customers who complete a survey using a $5 gift certificate

If gift cards are not in your budget, you can also get in-store tips or discount codes for completed surveys.

4. You can cut through the clutter of survey-request requests

Your survey should make it easy for respondents to complete. An email can be used to embed a simple survey.

ThredUp offers a simple email survey to get customer feedback:

E-commerce retailer offers a one-question customer survey

The survey doesn’t require you to click on a link. You need to enter your star rating. Next, you’ll be taken to the website to answer some follow-up questions. Even if your star rating is not met, the online retailer still has the most critical piece about your experience.

5. Do not make customer surveys feel like school or work.

Here’s the first part of a post-purchase survey for one of my favorite regional chains. It’s not a good start.

A lousy customer survey experience requires customers to complete a free field.

Not giving them a score of 10 is not enough. I will have to justify my rating to be granted the opportunity to answer additional questions. The “detail strength” and quality of my answers will be evaluated in real-time.

customer survey response

It should not feel like you are writing a paper. Be straightforward and eliminate any stress-producing elements.

6. Use the right tools to conduct your surveys

Email drip campaigns allow you to add surveys to send messages at set intervals. This is useful for following up on customer purchases and email signups. What is a drip campaign?

A survey link can be embedded in an email boilerplate to simplify it, like the discount retailer.

Ecommerce website with customer survey link in the email newsletter

Are more options available? Constant Contact, HostGator partner, offers a survey-builder tool in its paid plans. This allows you to embed branded questions in your email or website.

I created a simple survey with it in just a few minutes. Your logo, images, and custom colors can be added to your survey to make it more aligned with your brand.

Example of an embedded eCommerce survey in email with constant contact

Which channels should be used to survey customers? This depends on the way you communicate with them. Sending surveys via push notifications, Messenger bots, or through email will likely get better results than sending emails.

Are you looking to add customer surveys into your WooCommerce site? Our list of top survey plugins will help you choose the right one.

7. Share the information with your customers

Many companies neglect to collect customer feedback. This is a good first step. But don’t stop there. More than a third (33%) of companies don’t use all their data, and less than 1/5 use customer feedback to create better offers or shopping experiences.

You can turn customer data into actions to improve your store by setting up a regular review schedule. This will allow you to check the results of customer surveys. Pay attention to trends. Are your customers more satisfied with online payments than they were six months ago? Do you see more demand for local delivery?

Let customers know when you make changes based upon customer surveys. A campaign could be created around the new colors you have added, new payment options in your store, or any new services customers requested. You can show your customers that your listen by asking them for feedback. They’ll be more likely to take your surveys again and to buy from you again.

Key Benefits & Features of Survey Software:

Key Benefits:

  • By integrating social media into their platforms companies are able to reach larger groups more efficiently.
  • The customer’s data is collected, analysed and managed. It is then stored more effectively.
  • The cheapest option for businesses who want to connect with as many customers as they can without relying entirely on a support staff.
  • Flexible, more specific option for companies that want to build stronger connections with their clients.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Questions Surveys must provide variety, and one method to achieve this is to provide customers with different types of questions. Some individuals might prefer multiple options, while some prefer fill-ins. Certain questions must be asked in a specific way to get the information you expect your clients to offer.
  • Follow-up automation It is not a lot of survey software companies offer follow-up automation, however it’s an excellent feature that must be acknowledged. Internal alerts are able to notify businesses when a client completes a survey that could be followed up by an automated email to the client thanking the customer thanks for taking the time.
  • Customizable designs & Styles – Not only will the survey questions and their answers be customisable, but also the style and design of your survey must reflect your company’s image. The boring surveys that appear to have there was no effort done to design their design will not encourage customers to give meaningful feedback.
  • Data Security – The public is hesitant to hand the information they have online, especially in this era of ever-growing security breach. SSL encryption is utilized by a variety of survey software companies to safeguard information of their customers from being accessed by the inappropriate hands.
  • Data cleaning Data cleaning is a method to get rid of customer data that’s not being utilized and makes managing data more difficult. If software for surveys is targeted at specific customers based on certain characteristics, the data has to be current in order to give businesses the right feedback.
  • Contact Management This is accomplished using CRM integrations, however, survey software has its own version that manages contacts. This includes classifying customers into specific groups based on certain demographics.
  • Triggered Delivery Triggered delivery is a fantastic feature due to a variety of reasons. When a consumer is, for instance, making purchases online, survey software will automatically send them a questionnaire. This is beneficial as it helps keep customers engaged on the website and possibly providing businesses with feedback, without having to lift the finger.
  • Advanced Filtering Survey software makes use of advanced filtering in conjunction with the responses a company receives to classify customers into distinct segments which can be monitored and scrutinized in order to offer an improved customer experience and build a more personalized relationship.
  • Scalability It’s essential that survey programs provide survey options that are scalable for two reasons. The second is that no one would really want to complete surveys without incentive for it, so the entire process must be easy. Another, and even more importantaspect is that if a survey has been designed specifically for a large screen and the user is completing the survey using their smartphone and answers are removed without the user being aware, resulting in untrue results.
  • Workflows Workflows can be used to automatize specific business operations. In surveys, workflows may be utilized to automate when a customer is expected to receive a survey, which particular survey they should be receiving as well as how often they must be contacted with surveys, and what type of follow-up responses they are expected to receive.

What to Look for in Survey Software and Solutions:

  • Mobile – Sales and customers teams are usually moving around and aren’t exempt from having the ability to conduct surveys or analyze the information gathered. It’s essential to get survey software that is designed to be mobile.
  • Social Media Email phone, CRM as well as Website integrations These integrations make managing customer data simpler and organizes feedback, facilitating the distribution of surveys and also connects surveys to a company’s website, making them easier to access. Survey software can be used to gather feedback, however, the feedback must be properly handled to maximize the value of it. The integrations are a great way to do this and are as a prerequisite for buying survey software.
  • Multiple supported Languages The world is now a globalized society in which people from all parts of the globe can connect online and trade with each other. The people of America United States also speak languages that aren’t English It wouldn’t be a good idea to disregard people who have a different language. Survey software must be able support different languages.
  • Advanced Real-time reporting Real-time reporting is crucial for survey software as companies need to be sure that the information they’re getting from their customers is accurate and current. The reports will ultimately decide which direction a business has to follow, and what improvements can be made, therefore the accuracy of these reports is crucial.
  • Fully configurable Survey software must to offer users fully customizable surveys such as polls, quizzes, and polls which businesses can utilize to make them into something completely their own. When surveys are dull and boring, it can make users less inclined to fill out the survey, and they may think less of the company, which is what the business was trying to avoid in the first place.
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