12 Reasons Why Companies Hire Freelancers

The market for work is constantly changing. Globally, millions of businesses are switching to freelancers and traditional employment. This helps businesses realize their potential by hiring skilled freelance talent to solve complex problems, get more work, and complete projects faster.

Freelancers may be a better option than hiring full-time employees if your company considers outsourcing. Freelancers offer the opportunity to work on short-term and long-term technical projects. This article will outline 12 reasons you should consider hiring a freelancer for your business growth.

Why do more companies hire freelancers?

Many reasons were given for companies to stop doing business as usual and hire freelancers rather than full-time staff. First, traditional companies had to change and adapt due to the recent pandemic. Management and business owners recognized that the workforce does not have to work nine-to-five. Many businesses are now hiring more freelancers because of the increase in remote workers, video conferencing, and online collaboration tools.

The world’s perception of contract employees and freelancers has changed. Freelancers have become highly skilled professionals with the valuable skills businesses require. Online work platforms like Upwork allow freelancers to create a flexible business and have unlimited earning potential.

The following 12 reasons are the top 12 for freelancers being hired by more companies:

1) Cost savings

Full-time employees can be expensive. The business owner is responsible for their salary as well. By hiring freelancers, your business can eliminate many of these overhead expenses. Freelancers don’t need a dedicated space in your office, nor do they require training. Freelancers can be hired by businesses to help reduce costs and increase work output.

2) Access to skilled talent

Freelancers with talent can offer businesses valuable expertise. A freelancer can be identified if your company requires a specific skill set to complete a project. The more experience a freelancer has, the more outstanding their contribution to a project. Without hiring staff or creating a permanent position, the business can take advantage of the freelancers’ experience.

3) High-quality work

Due to their extensive experience, freelancers can consistently deliver high-quality work. Before you hire a freelancer, it’s essential to examine their work history, review clients’ work, and interview them to ensure they are a good fit. Freelancers often compete for your projects, so you should look for people who can give your project the attention your company requires. Completing a project builds a freelancer’s reputation, expands their portfolio, and increases their chance of getting future employment or referrals.

4) Faster deliverables

Aside from providing quality work, freelancers often deliver faster deliverables than full-time employees. They can also provide more accurate and timely results. Full-time employees generally have to work on multiple projects simultaneously. This often causes delays and slows down projects. Contrary to this, freelancers tend to be more focused on one task and work in shorter time frames, which leads to increased efficiency and faster completion of projects.

5) Greater talent pool

Employers are typically limited to the geographic area where they hire a full-time employee. Businesses can now open up to freelancers and access a wider talent pool. Companies are no longer limited to the area in which they operate. It’s now easier than ever to hire and find talented freelancers with an online marketplace like Upwork.

6) Reduction of company risk

If you hire a full-time employee, you are investing in their future. Training and onboarding employees are expensive and time-consuming, with some risks. You can save funds by working with a freelancer to create a contract with clear deliverables before you pay. You can make changes and keep your internal processes running smoothly by working with a freelancer.

7) No commitment on a long-term basis

If you hire a full-time employee, you are responsible for their livelihood and expect long-term job security. Freelancers may be employed to work on a project for a limited time or help with longer-term projects. Companies have greater flexibility in hiring freelancers because they don’t need to commit the long term.

8) Ease in finding, hiring, onboarding, and transferring employees

A recent study found that 36% of US workers are freelancing at some point. This means that more people than three-quarters of Americans could be available to assist your company. These odds will help your business find, hire, or onboard a freelancer quickly. Start your search by browsing through thousands of freelancer profiles. You can also create an Upwork job listing for freelancers to get personalized proposals from qualified freelancers.

9) Increased diversity

Freelancers offer the chance to diversify your company. Diversity increases the flow of ideas, leading to better business solutions. Your ability to manage multiple projects can be significantly improved by having people with different backgrounds and educational experiences.

10) Schedule flexibility

Freelancers are available for hire 24/7. This means that a freelancer can be hired whenever you need them. Websites may be down on Friday evening. Your full-time worker may not return to work until Monday morning, which could mean you are losing out on potential business. Although a conventional employee might go home at 5 a.m., freelancers have more flexibility and work around client needs.

11) Short-term deadlines

It is a great way to meet deadlines quickly with a freelancer. If you have a problem, need extra support, or need to replace someone on your team, they can help. Freelancers have the experience to manage project deadlines. They may also adjust their schedule to make it possible to finish your project at the last moment.

12) A Fresh Perspective

Freelancers can bring new perspectives and ideas to projects. They may have a unique perspective that could greatly benefit the project. You may find a solution or a different way to understand your customer’s requirements through their fresh air. You can also let freelancers out of your business’s old mindset.

What to accomplish to be a freelancer?

Are you curious to know what a freelancer looks like? Do you want to hire one? This article will explain what a freelancer is and how it differs from regular employees. Next, we will discuss how to use freelancers to grow your business.

A freelancer works as a client’s contractor rather than a full-time employee. Freelancers are often able to work for more clients than one. They are independent workers who set their hours, manage their work lives, and make their own decisions.

It may seem alien if you have been living the 9-5 life all your life, but this is very common. The number of freelance jobs has increased over the last 15 years. Forbes Magazine estimates that 35% to 35% of US workers are freelancers.

Common freelancing services used in companies

To solve many problems, companies often hire freelancers. Here are few links to some are the most popular services.

  • Editors and writers
  • Website designers
  • Programmers
  • Mobile app developers
  • Online marketers
  • Graphic designers
  • Customer service representatives
  • Virtual assistants and admin assistance

How can freelancers help?

Below are some ways that a freelancer could help your business grow.

1. You can bring in new expertise at a fraction of the cost

To hire someone who is an expert on social media strategy may cost you around $50,000. Consider that you are only looking for an expert to help you and not provide daily attention. You might only need them once per week. You might only require them once a week to get you started with a strategy that can be completed with freelancers. Hire a freelance social media specialist, and you will only have to pay for the work you need. It’s possible to put their expertise to use without spending a fortune.

Expert talent is expensive, but it can also be challenging to find them. It is also challenging on the recruiting side. A small business is more likely than an in-house specialist to provide a free hour of expertise. A competitive advantage is gained by adding expertise to your business, especially in a highly competitive niche. The best thing is to bring in high-quality talent at an affordable price. They will only be paid for the time they work.

Let’s face the facts. There are certain things that you know more about than you do. These tasks are more technical than others, like newsletter management or PPC. While you can certainly learn them over time, why not hire experts to do it for you? Do you need someone to deliver results?

2. Spend your time focusing on the growth of the business instead

The other side of the spectrum is where it could be that the expertise your business requires to grow may not be available. You might need a reliable freelancer to assist you with mundane tasks so that you can focus on your growth.

Freelancers are available all over the globe to assist you. Many are cheaper than what you would pay for full-time workers. Many of them have experience in the same task you want to avoid.

Let’s suppose you get tired of managing inventory for your Amazon seller accounts. Sites like Upwork and FreeeUp will help you find an expert in inventory management who can complete it faster and more efficiently than you can while keeping you smiling.

This task does not have to be complicated like inventory management. Consider the functions in your business that are not urgent but require a lot more time. These include scheduling interviews and replying to emails. Your time is a precious resource you can spend on such tasks as a business owner.

This will make you to save time when preparing new business strategies or looking for new markets. Isn’t this a way for businesses to gain more? You can delegate the rest of the work to a freelancer. The hiring of freelancers is both financially and logistically beneficial. It would be so wasteful not to seize this opportunity.

3. Your overall risk can be reduced

It isn’t easy to find a replacement when an employee leaves. It’s not easy to find a replacement for an employee who has decided to leave. You have to deal with their final pay, conversions, and severance packages. These are all things you don’t need to worry about when hiring freelancers.

Since they are not employees, freelancers cannot receive unemployment insurance. If things aren’t going according to plan, you can let the freelancer go without restrictions or regulations.

You won’t have any trouble finding an equivalent or better talent. Because you don’t only have the option of working in your area, there are many experts to choose from. The business can continue its daily operations without having to hire a replacement.

It takes only a little planning to make sure there is no gap after someone leaves. It is possible to make sure everyone knows what each other is doing to plan how to cover for the interim. It is possible to hire freelancers, who are often more flexible than regular workers. It’s not wise to try and put all your eggs into one basket. Please ensure you have someone who can step in when needed.

4. Save money

There is one reason that you need to outsource freelancers. It would be cost-efficiency. Benefits like time off and insurance are no more required when you outsource to freelancers. This alone could save you a lot of cash, especially considering current company regulations and requirements like the Affordable Care act.

Renting additional office space or purchasing equipment would not be an issue as they won’t require any. They work remotely, which means that their laptops, internet, and workspaces can all be accessed from anywhere they are.

A massive advantage of hiring freelancers is that you only need them when required. Freelancers are not subject to the same pay schedule as full-time employees, who you must pay regardless of how they work. Instead, freelancers only get paid for hours worked.

What does it mean for you, as a business owner?

You get what you pay for. Outsourcing tasks is an excellent option for startups. You can still get the job done but not spend too much. That means you can use extra money to invest in other aspects of your business.

Combining these factors can result in significant savings when hiring freelancers for your entire workforce.

5. You can cover unusual work hours and other needs

Let’s assume you want your customers to have a better experience. You have done the math and are sure that this will increase customer retention.

It is vital to offer 24-hour responses. You don’t have the resources to do this work. Your office doesn’t want to be answering customers’ calls at all hours of the night, and that’s perfectly understandable.

A freelancer working for your business is a great option. You have thousands of highly skilled and reliable freelancers available from Asia, so your business can continue to function even while you’re asleep.

This allows you to recruit people who have solid customer service skills. Many of these people worked previously in BPO. This means that the talent you will be receiving can do more than answer phones.

Remember that customer service is an extension of your voice. It is essential to hire someone competent because they will be talking directly with your customers. They will be responsible for retaining customers and driving them away.

It’s essential to know your business is safe while you’re gone. This will allow you to rest ease and give you peace of head while your business continues to grow.

6. Expand to new markets

Freelancers can also help you open up new markets if that’s what you want. Let’s take, for instance, the possibility of selling in London. You can hire a London contractor to help you lay the groundwork.

The proper knowledge can help you find out more about the local business climate, who your contact points should be, and so forth. Then you can get a better sense of what it would feel like to have a remote workplace abroad and whether it is worth the effort.

What makes freelancers suitable for business expansion is that they are location-independent. It is not a matter if you stay in the same country or even in the same time zone to accomplish your goals and have someone trustworthy and competent to do the work for you.

Freelancers offer many benefits beyond just the obvious. As your business grows, you will require more help to develop it. Hire more freelancers to help you manage your business’s growth. This is the fastest and most cost-effective way to do this.

Advantages of Freelance Platforms

  • Independent stages will assist you with keeping an ideal balance between serious and fun activities without thinking twice about your acquiring. As a consultant, you will want to accomplish as much work as you need, however, whenever the timing is ideal. You will be the one settling on your working hours.
  • Organizations should hope to involve independent stages for employing experts to permit them to make per project installments. They won’t have to pay an excellent month-to-month compensation regardless of the volume of work a representative finishes during the given month.
  • There are for sure a few alternate methods of landing independent positions. You can join a specific organization as a consultant. Likewise, you can turn into an ordinary guest to separate discussions and independent gatherings via online media stages.

Top listed Freelancing platforms for you:

  • Fiverr
  • Hubstaff
  • Toptal
  • 99Designs
  • Crowd Spring
  • Timeetc


Fiverr Business can help you match the best talent to your team—no need for endless interviews or guessing. Work together, manage projects, and collaborate with freelancers all from one place. Avoid the hassle of hiring multiple freelancers. Manage your team’s progress and approve transactions. Set budgets easily.

Features of FiverrBusiness

  • Personal Business Success Manager
  • Curated freelancer catalog
  • Tools to make collaboration easy
  • Customized management and budget flow
  • Payment methods suitable for business
  • Up to 50 users included

Pricing of FiverrBusiness

  • $149 per year for teams of up to 50 users

Click here to get a free trial month with Fiverr Business


Hubstaff is simple psychology. Hubstaff makes it easy for your team to track their time. This will help them be more aware of the amount of time each minute. These increases focus and keep your team focused. The learning curve is minimal, so your team can get started tracking as soon as possible. Hubstaff takes on the time-consuming admin work for your team. You can follow up on project updates. Or you were messing around with timesheets. Or ensuring that deadlines are met, and work remains within budget. Do you have a project or client that is reducing your profit margins? Hubstaff will tell you. This tool will give you reports about the billable hours of your company and how they impact revenue.

Hubstaff allows businesses from more than 100 industries to keep track of their time.

Features of Hubstaff

  • Timetracking
  • Geofencing
  • Employee monitoring
  • GPS tracking
  • Project budgeting
  • Detailed reporting
  • Online timesheets
  • Payroll software
  • Productivity measurement
  • Online invoicing
  • Employee scheduling
  • Mobile time tracking

Pricing of Hubstaff

  • Desk free $0 for one user per month
  • Desk Starter $7 for 2 users per month
  • Desk Pro $10 for 2 users per month

Click here to get a free trial month with Hubstaff


Toptal is a international network of top freelance software developers designers. Finance experts. Product managers. Project managers. Top companies hire Toptal freelancers on their most critical projects. They have the largest network of leading technology and business talent globally and are ready to take on your most challenging projects. You can build excellent teams on demand. They collaborate with several top-tier companies to envision the future for work.

Features of Toptal

  • Leverage World-Class Talent in developers, designers
  • Experts in financial modeling and valuation
  • Digital & technical project managers supports with numerous PM tools, frameworks and styles
  • Available of Digital & product managers in numerous sectors to support product owners
  • Build Amazing Teams, On Demand

Pricing of Toptal

  • Hourly job rates range from $60.00 to $250.00 per hour
  • Part-time jobs from $1,000.00 to $4,000.00 per week
  • Full-time jobs from $2,000.00 to $8,000.00 per week

Click here to get a free trial month with Toptal


Vista’s number one graphic design company is 99Designs. It’s easy to collaborate with talented, creative professionals around the globe. They can help you build your brand through unique, memorable design. Our global community loves to collaborate. We will turn your brilliant ideas into a custom design that can’t be found anywhere else, where entrepreneurs can find the right strategy to fit their company. Our book cover was an integral part of the book’s success. This is why we trusted experts to design the cover and were delighted with the outcome. The perfect logo design is possible – and it’s available in over 90 categories. No matter what your budget is or need, 99designs Studio can help. 99designs Studio is the best place to get state-of-the-art ideation. For creative help whenever you need it, they combine the power and creativity of your global community with creative direction.

Features of 99Designs

  • Only takes a few minutes
  • Captures your style and specs
  • From super simple to crazy complex projects
  • Design experts in over 90 skill sets
  • Review portfolios and request quotes
  • All designers vetted for quality
  • Creative concepts from multiple designers
  • Select one design to own
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Securely release payment upon completion
  • Production ready files for print and digital
  • Copyright and ownership is all yours
  • 90plus design categories
  • 24/7 creativity

Pricing of 99Designs

  • Bronze – Design concepts (30.aprox) – $299
  • Silver – Design concepts (60.aprox) – $499
  • Gold – Design concepts (90.aprox) – $899
  • Platinum – Design concepts (60.aprox) – $1299

Click here to get a free trial month with 99Designs

Crowd Spring

Crowdspring allows you to create a custom design that is simple and powerful. You can choose a custom product design to help you grow your business. Borders do not bind creativity. Crowdspring was founded to solve a fundamental problem in the design process. Clients had very few options, and designers had limited opportunities to find clients. They made design accessible to everyone. Over 220,000 Crowdspring designers from 195 nations have helped more than 60,000 entrepreneurs, small business owners, agencies, startups, non-profits, and non-profits with logo, web, graphic, product, and naming design. They aim to assist businesses, non-profits, and agencies of any size in starting, running, and growing their businesses with great design and naming. They’ve simplified the design process. They streamline the procedure so that you can get great results.

Companies and creatives should not give up their legal rights because they are too expensive or complicated. Crowdspring offers a personalized legal contract that protects each project. This ensures that IP ownership is not in question.

Features of Crowd Spring

  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Legal contract with IP protection
  • 220,000 quality vetted creatives
  • 30+ categories with complete a project brief, and pick a package that fits your budget.
  • Collaborate with dozens of creatives, give feedback and score, and get revised custom designs.
  • Work with the winner to finalize your favorite design and get print/web-ready files and full IP rights.

Pricing of Crowd Spring

  • Silver – Design concepts (60.aprox) For individuals and new small businesses – $299
  • Gold – Design concepts (90.aprox) Perfect for startups and growing businesses – $499
  • Elite – Design concepts (20 Elite) Great for businesses, agencies & marketers – $899
  • Platinum – Design concepts (75 Premium) All-inclusive for businesses, agencies & marketers – $1199

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Timeetc is the easiest way to work with a rock-solid virtual assistant and reclaim your time. Your dedicated virtual assistant will have the skills and experience it takes to take care of tasks.

Features of Timeetc

  • Dedicated, experienced assistant, based in the U.S.
  • Carefully matched to you by our experts
  • Work together using email, text, phone or Zoom
  • Work with additional assistants, for free
  • Share your assistant with your team
  • Give your assistant branded email @yourcompany
  • Hours you don’t use roll-over to next month
  • Task management dashboard and mobile app
  • Dedicated Client Happiness manager
  • Holiday and sickness cover built-in
  • Transparent ‘to-the-second’ billing and reporting
  • Switch plans or cancel any time
  • Tools, resources, videos, courses and books
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee

Pricing of Timeetc

  • For 10 hrs $ 290 per month
  • For 20 hrs $ 560 per month
  • For 40 hrs $ 1080 per month
  • For 60 hrs $ 1560 per month

Click here to get a free trial month with Timeetc

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