How Introverts Can Shine In The Remote Workplace

The dramatic change to work from home that occurred in March 2020 resulted in an environment that was more comfortable for introverts. According to the data gathered by The Myers-Briggs Company, Introverted individuals were more likely to appreciate working at home, enjoy the quiet, and also feel that working from home has provided them with the time and space to reflect. However, working from home may hinder showing the value they bring to the table.

If you’re feeling tired through constant interactions with people, it was an occasion to celebrate as the day’s commute moved between the roadway (or in the case of subways) into the hall. However, this new model, which is likely to be around for a while it is also a danger of becoming invisible for introverts which, according to Psychology Today, comprise approximately 16 to 50 % of the population.

It’s easier than it’s ever been to disappear to the background when you’re online. This poses a challenge. Being out of sight can also mean not being in mind. However, if you’re intentional about meeting online, it can be your chance to make yourself visible and show your value to your company, even if your level of comfort online isn’t the greatest.

If you’re inclined to “I” in the scale of introvert/extrovert, here are ways to make the most of the work environment that is a hybrid.

Deliver a Powerful First Impression. The fact that first impressions have become digital can be a treat for introverts. You can utilize the bits-and bytes version of you to show your world precisely who you are, even when your computer isn’t working. With more minor personal introductions, your coworkers and other people in the company tend to be more likely to go online to find out more about your team members. To get the most benefit from this, you must focus on two of the most crucial aspects of your professional online identity.

  1. One of the pages in Google results. The majority of users never get past the first page of results in an online search, therefore make sure that your results on the front page reflect your true and convincing brand. Make a video or two on YouTube and include some photos of you that showcase the characteristics of your brand. You can label the video and photo files with your company’s name, so you can benefit from a universal search. This Google system displays multimedia content along with text-based data.
  2. The profile you have on LinkedIn. LinkedIn profile. If people look to look you up professionally, they’ll likely begin with LinkedIn. And even when they don’t, it’s the first place they’ll end in. This is because your LinkedIn profile is likely to be among the most prominent Google results. Make sure you have a memorable headshot (face forward smile and make sure to crop the image so that your face fills around 60%-80% of the photo). Make sure you brand your LinkedIn background image to ensure that it represents your personality and stands out from all the other backgrounds. Make sure to focus your focus on your LinkedIn About section. This is where you share your tale, and it’ll be the most popular description of the bio you have posted.

Make Meetings Matter

Create a relaxing setting. You have a much greater say in the environment you’re in when doing work remotely. So make sure you fill your workspace filled with items that will make you feel at ease and relaxed.

Let your background speak for you. What’s behind you during a virtual conference sends an image of the person you are. Your message should be representative of the brand YOU. If you’re creative, display your creativity. When you’re organized, ensure that your background portrays the message.

Practice your VEP Virtual elevator pitch. When you need to introduce yourself to your meeting attendees, You’ll feel much more comfortable when you’ve practiced your elevator message while gazing at the camera on your laptop. As with all things that can be stressful and stressful, the more you practice this, the lesser stress you’ll experience.

Arrive earlier. Your first impulse may be to avoid doing the opposite as you believe that these pre-meeting hours are awkward or exhausting. However, the reverse is actually true. If you arrive early, you can communicate more casually with people and with a smaller number than the whole roster of attendees. You should have a list of questions you can use to begin conversations. Questions such as: What’s the meaning behind the painting that’s hanging in your home? What’s the longest time you’ve been part of this group? Put your curiosity to use so that you can keep the discussion running.

You can get yourself an opportunity to work. When it comes to meetings, the default for introverts is to be active when they are needed and to play a less active position once the tiniest details have been taken out of the plan. This can be detrimental when you are in online meetings. To ensure you’re noticed and heard, solicit the meeting’s organizer to assign you a task or ask yourself to fill the role of a vital one. For instance, you could be the person who is in charge of the conversation and hand-raising or the “acknowledger,” expressing praise and appreciation for those who contributed or as”notetaker,” ensuring that everyone is aware of the meeting’s key points “notetaker,” making sure that all-important information is written down for everyone.

Shine when you participate. If you can contribute, be sure to count it by having prepared. If you’re giving slides, you must make them engaging. It’s best to use pictures and videos instead of words, and when you utilize phrases, ensure that you’re using a font that’s 36 points. Or higher so that the audience can understand the terms. To make it more captivating, begin your presentation by introducing something new or surprising. This will cause them to take a seat and concentrate. Slides are not your teleprompter. If you’re an introvert, you’ll appreciate the advantages of a remote and dispersed workforce. Remember that you have to be visible and impact those you want to reach. Therefore, get your online presence organized and involved. Remote work can make it easier to be well-known and influential.

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