How To Make The Most Of The Growth Of E-Commerce In 2022

The last seven years, the number of digital shoppers worldwide has grown to 1.32 billion back in the year 2014 up to 2.14 billion in 2018, as per Statista. In light of this and many other reasons that are a good reason to think that 2022 will be a year of ongoing digitization of retail. Here are some crucial suggestions for increasing sales and bringing buyers to your business with the best online shopping experience:

Make sure to emphasize social media marketing.

Social media networks are one of the most efficient ways to promote e-commerce sales. Many social media users see this as a social media platform, and a company with a presence and a reputation on social media is more likely to draw customers.

Furthermore, putting together special deals and offers targeted at social media users will increase the chance that your clients will be drawn to your store. Beginning the promotion of special offers ahead of time will make buyers angry and significantly increase their appetite.

Consider social commerce.

Social Commerce has been a popular trend in the retail industry. It lets you use social media to sell products on a platform. The integration of the shopping experience in a social media website makes it easier for users to purchase products advertised on the site. For example, social commerce via Facebook and Instagram can reduce the time it takes for a purchaser to buy a product. Facebook shops and shopping on Instagram can affect the entire purchasing process and can help transform a potential customer or visitor into a potential buyer.

Social commerce is crucial to create more sales via your marketing channels through social media.

Provide seamless access to mobile web pages.

Mobile is now the most convenient method to shop and make purchases with just one hand. Insider Intelligence acknowledges that mobile commerce has shown an increase in its growth rate and is predicted to be 44percent of online marketing by 2024..

While about half of customers prefer using browser checkouts, users often browse offers and look up products using smartphones before shopping. Mobile optimization for e-commerce websites is consequently a significant investment.

Prepare yourself for the increased traffic.

The increasing number of online purchases will cause the growth of traffic to your site. To avoid slow loading times that can result in losing visitors, ensure the health of your servers and improve the speed of your pages.

Based on the research of Google’s mobile page performance, every second that a page load increases the likelihood that users will leave a website. For instance, a delay of one to three seconds can cause a 32% chance of bounce, and up to six seconds can increase the likelihood of bounces by 106 percent. Since every second is essential, ensure that your websites have the most efficient speed for loading as the focus of customers is likely to shift with the overwhelming amount of content.

Design attractive and appealing page landing.

The most effective method to convince shoppers to attend the shopping event is to create an impression, by the way, of your appearance. A landing page that is effective and contains announcements about special offers guarantees that the customers have come to the correct spot and can count on great bargains on the site.

Enhance checkout experience.

A seamless checkout experience is essential for turning those who’ve bought items from their shopping cart. People often purchase items on impulse due to the attractive prices, so having easy checkout options such as guest purchases or “one-click” purchases could help increase sales. The 2020 Slickdeals study found that an average American has spent more than $2100 in impulse purchases, making it clear that the ease of checkout can boost purchase choices.

Reduce the abandonment percentage.

Statista states that March 2020 in March 2020, the average abandonment rate of carts was 88.05 percent. Customers will often fill the cart with other items to think about in the future.

Yet intelligent ways to prevent cart abandonment can be to prolong the term of the discount so that it gives another chance to turn it into actual purchases. However, it is vital to design a robust notice or newsletter to highlight the importance of the sale and the “last chance” chance.

Offer tempting deals.

The primary reason why these offers are so appealing for shoppers is that they are a great bargain.

Be sure that the deals for the most prominent positions attract customers’ excitement. Innovative technology solutions can help to improve pricing and make discounts more effective. These options can be set up manually and consider the size and nature of your company.


Profiting from the growing online marketplace requires various marketing and technical initiatives. Investments in promotion via social media and social commerce could generate additional income. Optimizing your store and improving the checkout experience can lower the number of bounces. However, the most crucial factor to take advantage of is to present massive deals that draw customers to your store at all times. Outstanding campaigns are the most effective way to get customers to come back to make more purchases.

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