5 Ways To Grow Your Personal Brand During The Holiday Season

Did you notice that the holiday season is the ideal time to establish your brand?

Why? Because it’s a time for connection with others. People feel happier, more positive, and more optimistic this time of the year. These holidays are all about kindness and gratitude. If you’re willing and able to do the necessary marketing, you can bring your brand to new heights at a time in the year when those not as business-savvy are starting to worry about stagnation. Here are five tips to support you grow your branding during the holiday season.

Stay active on social media.

It doesn’t matter if everyone else has gone on vacation. Bizreport’s study shows that consumers are messaging brands more often during holidays due to a 30% increase in their interest in buying. It is crucial to stay active on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook during this time. A social media manager is not something you will have access to as a personal brand. In this situation, you will be responsible for creating all content and engaging with your audience. This can get tedious, especially around Christmas and Thanksgiving. There’s family to see, events to go to, and everything else on your calendar. You’ll notice that many personal brands take a break over this period. You’ll see posts like “I’m off with my husband for Thanksgiving…have an enjoyable time and see you back when I get back.”Someone needs to get away from social media because it can become exhausting. Because there is less competition, the holiday season can be an excellent time to grow your business. By scheduling posts in advance, you can make it easy for yourself and keep engagement your sole job.

Use Your Strengths

Do what you’re good at. This strategy is similar to the Pareto Principle, which states that 20% of our results come from 20% of our efforts. If you apply this to your business, it means that 20% of what brings in the most profit is the result of your efforts. You already have a system in place so that you can stick with it. While improving your skills and making your weaknesses more powerful is excellent, the holiday season is not the best time. Why? Because this lucrative season is abridged. Make sure you do not stop learning what works and keep going until the business is back to normal.

Targeted Advertising

Since the beginning, the vital link between Christmas shopping and Christmas has been there. Don’t forget to make the most of the Christmas spirit whatever you offer. You might be thinking, “Well…I don’t sell products.” But it doesn’t matter because not everyone wants to receive a Christmas gift. Some people would instead enjoy an experience. A consultant or chef might be interested in your services. Your brand can have a competitive advantage if you use humor, create visual puns or jump on the holiday tropes bandwagon. Starbucks shifts the color of their coffee cups to white and red. Coca-Cola is well-known for its Christmas trucks decorated with Santa Clauses and lights. Nike has a tradition of delivering memorable Christmas campaigns that feature stars such as Rita Ora or Anthony Joshua. While you might not be able to use celebrities to advertise your products and/or services, there are still creative ways to bring your brand to Christmas.

You Can Change Your Message

You have the opportunity to make your message more personal this year, given the current state of the world. It is time to think people first. Social media platforms can tell you everything about your audience. Take the time to analyze comments on your posts. What are your customers talking to you about? Does your customers talk about a common struggle? Then you can try out different messages and advertise them to find what works best. Facebook is the ideal medium to do this. Their advertising platform allows users to try out a wide range of ideas and save money by not having to expend too much on one theme. Let your customers know you are listening and personalize your messages. Don’t be too salesy at this sensitive time. Your audience should see you as a person by showing them how your brand can fulfill their individual needs.

Be Your True Self

There’s nothing new under this sun, as the old saying goes.But don’t let that stop you from being unique, even though most content is a spin-off. Be true to yourself in all you do. You will be able to offer unique, quality-packed experiences that customers want to enjoy. Today’s customers don’t want just a business to advertise. They want more. They want to understand who the brand is behind it, and authenticity is one way to do that.

Find out what works for your business and make the most of it. This will allow you to build your brand and establish a connection with your customers that will last through the holidays.

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