5 Ways AI Improves Brand Marketing ROI

Artificial intelligence (AI), which has revolutionized many industries, is a powerful example of how AI can be applied to marketing. AI has brought new life to marketing by providing deep insights into customer behavior. It allows marketers to build loyalty through personalized communications and improved user experience.

Better Results, Less Time

Data drives marketing. The typical marketing technology stack makes data management challenges. Many years of investments in technology add-ons have led to customer data spreading across multiple departments. Marketers spend hours combing through data from many sources before figuring out how they can act quickly.

AI cuts through data silos to give you a better understanding of your target customer. AI can improve campaign results by reducing data silos. AI can analyze customer channel preferences, peak engagement times, and past behaviors. After marketers launch a personal campaign, AI-powered real-time A/B testing or a multivariate test powered by AI can instantly identify top-performing content and automatically update it to increase engagement.

This sounds unbelievable, but it’s happening right now. AI can help increase campaign performance and sales. Additionally, AI saves time for marketing staff by reducing the amount of analysis, testing, reporting, and implementation. People start careers in marketing because they want to express their creativity and create memorable campaigns for clients—recent research by Ph.D. Media and Marketing found that 88% spent most of their time doing reporting tasks, while only 18% spent time thinking creatively. AI allows us to ask the question: what if AI were to do the opposite? What could you do then?

Customer Relationship Building That Lasts

Marketing professionals face the same challenge today as ever: demonstrate that they understand their customers and deliver what they expect. This expectation has become more demanding today. Marketers must now send highly personalized offers through the proper channels to customers before they know what they are looking for. It used to be risky. AI has made it easy to get to know your customers and engage with them.

We can see this by looking at SMS text messaging as a marketing tool. A decade ago, text messaging from brands to customers was considered intrusive. In today’s world, 76% of European consumers said they were interested in texting brands they like, and 75% of U.S. respondents in another survey also indicated their interest.

AI can help marketers create highly targeted campaigns. It can also detect friction points that could negatively impact customer experience. You will have happier customers and more referrals, repeat sales, and positive reviews.

These are five different ways AI can increase ROI for marketing campaigns.

1. More targeted targeting: Constant bombardment of generic marketing content de-sensitizes consumers. Your target audience must be connected to you on a deeper level, beyond price and features. AI is a way to ensure that the right message gets to the right customer at precisely the right time.

2. Personalization: AI-enabled audience segments and dynamic messaging based on past campaigns allow marketers to customize or update marketing communication with their audiences instantly. It results in highly personalized engagement that makes customers feel special.

3. Frictionless Customer Experiences: These automated (but personalized) flows use certain conditions and triggers based on customer preferences. This allows for customization of the buying journey leading to conversion. This will enable you to scale personalization regardless of whether it is aimed at one person or millions. AI can flag any decrease in engagement for deeper insights.

4. Cross-Channel preference optimization: Consumer preferences change based upon activity. The options for communication are almost limitless today. Self-service, email, and chat are all available. AI gives insight into customers’ preferences for which channels they prefer to communicate with.

5. Improved Content: Studies repeatedly show that brand communication is often replete with irrelevant messages and offers. AI can end the “one-size-fits-all” marketing approach. Brands can efficiently perform real-time A/B testing and multivariate tests by showing multiple options to customers and tracking the results. The best-performing content gets the most interaction instantly. AI can monitor behavioral trends and create future content campaigns using insights.

Companies need to be adaptable to changing martech, and consumer demands grow healthy. The availability of a wide range of technology options means that any business can use cutting-edge Martech tools. AI provides more than valuable data that can be used to improve your digital strategy and user experience. It also helps to reduce the period required to bring about real change in your bottom lines. Marketers are finally able to work smarter.

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