5 Surprising Ways To Make Your Own Serendipity

It’s one of the best parts about meeting up in person again, if we can safely, are those random encounters. These conversations can spark new ideas, business opportunities, or relationships.

Many people believe these moments are simply dumb luck. However, there are proven ways to bring luck into your life.

Here are five ways to do it:

1) Talk to strangers. There are many places where you can find serendipity – such as in lines, elevators, or other familiar areas. Although I am shy, I have developed my skills in talking to and approaching strangers. Felipe was my first line when I broke the ice at the conference. It was “Hi.” I’m Alisa. What brought you to me?”

It may make sense at conferences, but it is inappropriate for strangers in public places like subway stations and malls. It’s a sophisticated move. Start small by saying something like “the mall’s too crowded today” (or the old standby “it’s hot today”). People gravitate towards commonality, and the weather is always something they have in common. It’s also possible to compliment someone by asking them a question, such as “I love my scarf; where did I get it?”

This is a minimally effective way to improve your mood. You’ll be able to communicate with strangers, which is a valuable skill. Something miraculous can happen one in twenty times.

2)Send serendipity flares. This tool is great for the digital age. A serendipity flair is simply a way to show that you are open to new relationships. When you visit an office, you may be able to sit down with someone that you don’t already know at the workplace dining area—working remotely? You can reach out and ask someone you don’t know very well about your company if you would like to have an instant coffee to share what you’re doing and to find common points.

You can also send speculative messages to people you admire via email, Facebook, or LinkedIn. You may not get feedback from everyone, but some people will. It could be a way to make new friends or find a job. In my interview with Tim Ferriss, I discuss how I met Marshall Goldsmith, a legendary executive coach who became my mentor. He also invited me to his first cohort of 100 Coaches.

3) You can create your event. It’s not easy to be comfortable at significant events. If this is the case, you can organize your event. Entrepreneur and investor Nick Gray know the art of the cocktails party. His book The 2-Hour Cocktail Party – How to Build Big Relationships at Small Gatherings gives detailed instructions on how to invite people, set up the gathering, and tell them when to go home.

Gray suggests inviting about 15-20 people from various parts of your life to maximize serendipity. These could be people you are familiar with and those you have just met. Let some people bring people you don’t even know. Invite more people if your host anxiety is high. I know that sounds counterintuitive. But, he said, “It’s easier to host if you have more people.” Hosting has brought joy and luck to my life. It’s also the most efficient and effective method to strengthen many connections.

4: Find your hooks. This idea was suggested by Christian Busch (author of The Serendipity Mindset), who said that we give more information about ourselves than just our bio when we introduce ourselves to people. When someone asks you what your job is, you might say that you are an accountant and own practice. You also mention that I live in New Rochelle and read at least two books each week. Busch says this is a way to give multiple hooks that others can use to find commonality. Every conversation can help us all connect a few dots so that we can all benefit from the next one.”

Take a look at your hooks. If you have followed my advice to be exponentially less attractive, you will have many hooks to share. It doesn’t matter if they’re exotic. You could mention your parents, where you live, what podcasts you listen to, or what hobby you enjoy. (I get a lot out of talking about kettlebells. Hooks are a way to show the world that you’re a multifaceted person.

5) ask inspiring questions. It is important to ask others questions to help them find their hooks. It is easy to fall into conversational ruts by asking the same basic questions as “what do you do?” / “where are you from?”. Instead, be prepared to ask more engaging questions to others when you meet them. This will bring out their hooks.

You can ask the following questions:

What’s the most exciting for you these days,

Have any of you listened to podcasts lately or read great books?

What are your upcoming plans for the next few weeks?

These types of questions are more likely than others to bring out the most exciting aspects in the person they’re speaking to. That will allow you to find more in common and spark.

Serendipity, as it is defined, happens when you aren’t expecting it. Serendipity is more likely when you go out and seek it. You can bring more happiness and opportunities to your life by using one or more of these tools.

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