Top 7 Tips To Make Your WordPress Site Fast & Secure

Are you ready for your first website to be built? Are you looking for WordPress web hosting at an affordable price?

Several types of web hosting solutions are available: shared hosting (dedicated hosting), cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting.

Shared hosting may be the best option for you if your business is small or medium in size.

Businesses that don’t require large amounts of dedicated space can use shared hosting. This is an affordable and cost-friendly option.

You can quickly get a spot online for small- or medium-sized businesses without spending hundreds of thousands to thousands per month.

There are many shared hosting companies, but not all of them have the right features to host a WordPress site.

Your online success can be affected by selecting the right web hosting company.

These are the seven things you must have to ensure your WordPress website runs smoothly and securely.

1. WordPress-Friendly Servers with Simple-To-Use Functions

The hosting organization you select should be clearly labeled as “WordPress-friendly.”

The well-configured hosting servers often come with time-saving services such as WordPress pre-installed and website building tools.

Pre-Installed WordPress

Shared hosting plans that include WordPress pre-installation are recommended.

This is a great deal to consider, especially if it’s something you want to do immediately.

Instead of spending your time researching the installation process, you can start designing and creating content for your website.

Easy-To-Use Website Builder

A website builder that is easy to process and comes pre-installed with WordPress is necessary.

BoldGrid by InMotion is a drag-and-drop tool that allows you to create responsive designs for popular industries.

This feature makes it quick and straightforward to create a new website.

Advanced Users Get Flexibility

Advanced users can dive into WordPress installation by clicking the link:

  • Manually install WordPress
  • Softaculous, a one-click WordPress installation tool, is recommended.
  • Migration of content from an old website to WordPress

Advanced users might also be interested in accessing the WordPress Command Line Interface (WP-CLI), which allows you to manage WordPress websites through SSH.

WP-CLI lets you manage WordPress websites efficiently without needing a web browser.

2. Servers for High Speed

A faster website means better rankings. More customers tell better rankings. Customers mean more website rendering and transfer speed.

You should ensure that your website is hosted on a fast server.

Equipped with Solid State Drive Technology.

What hardware does your current hosting company use to provide your website to its users?

Many hosting companies use Hard Disk Drives (HDD) or SATA SSD for their primary storage.

InMotion Hosting’s Shared Hosting Plans utilize NVMe SSD technology. They work 6-20x faster than traditional HDD hosting plans.

NVMe is the Non-Volatile Memory Express. It’s a fast storage protocol that can store next-generation SSDs. NVMe drives offer more excellent performance and less energy. These high-efficiency drives generate less heat, which improves the reliability and availability of the server.

NVMe SSDs have a higher transfer speed than SATA SSDs. SATA SSDs only allow for a 6GB/s connection/link speed. NVMe SSDs can connect at 16 GB/s!

Premium Server Locations

Your website’s speed, response times, and location can all be affected by where your web host has its servers and data centers.

Data must travel from your data center to the client’s computer—the greater the distance, both in terms of travel time and performance, the better.

InMotion operates data centers in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Washington D.C. because they are directly connected to the most significant Internet Exchange Points in the U.S.

3. Next-Generation Technology

WordPress is constantly evolving, so should your hosting service. It shouldn’t be necessary to remove your entire website because of outdated technology.

Your shared server will be able to tackle future versions of your website if it is hosted on a host that uses next-generation technology.

Shared hosting services should use technology such as NGINX or Apache, and PHP-FPM.

To ensure that your website runs easely and safely, you need a shared host that supports the most present versions of PHP and MySQL.

A Future-Proofed Technology Stack

You need the best server-side technology to support WordPress’s latest versions and plugins.

InMotion offers NVMe SSD Technology and the ultra stack platform for WordPress websites when you choose shared hosting plans.

The following are essential parts of UltraStack.

  • NGINX can be configured to function as a proxy server and first to receive page requests. It is a resource-saving, CPU-processing, and faster page loading speed.
  • Apache – This web server doesn’t require any additional coding to be used with your customized website, app, or CMS.
  • PHP-FPM – The Fast Process Manager (FPM) encodes PHP pages. This allows for significant speed improvements and decreases in requests to Apache servers.

UltraStack servers are designed to concentrate on the creation of a specific CMS. Initially, it was intended to work with WordPress, but now it supports many other CMS platforms.

4. Scalability is easy

Do you have the potential to grow your online presence with your server without looking for another hosting web service?

Scalability is crucial for any web hosting provider you choose.

One website may only receive a few visitors per day.

However, you might be running the next major eCommerce company in the future.

“Hosting plans are essential for your business’ growth. It would help if you searched for shared hosting providers who offer these features:”

Unlimited Websites

Although it may be difficult to believe that you would need more than one website at once, we have seen them all.

As your company develops, so will your website and a number of websites.

One example is if you are looking to add a customer service department.

Your website may have to include this new department. This new department may require its own section on your website. 

It is crucial to have all your websites on the same server.

Unlimited Storage

The content on your website will increase as your business grows. You will need more storage space to store your content.

You may be able to sell more services or products. Each one will require its photos and support documentation.

In order to increase your site’s visitors, you might consider content marketing. You will need space for every ebook, case study, webinar, or whitepaper that you create.

Storage should be unlimited in shared hosting.

This will enable you to develop your business content freely.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Traffic growth is the key to business growth. Each person who visits your site consumes more bandwidth.

A website crashed during Cyber Monday sales? Many times, this happens because the website doesn’t have enough capacity.

It would help if you had unlimited bandwidth for scalable shared hosting, so you can serve your website content to anyone who visits.

UltraStack’s advanced cache system, which combines unlimited bandwidth and UltraStack’s advanced bandwidth system, means that your site will load quickly and perform well.

5. High-Value, High-Impact Offerings

Are you positioned for success with your shared hosting plans? Are they equal or superior to the standard server offerings?

All businesses can get the most from their WordPress website.

  • A free domain: With every purchase of shared hosting plans, most web hosting providers provide a free part.
  • SSL installation on your website is free
  • cPanel access: Full control over files, databases and other configurations.
  • 99% Uptime: Higher uptime means your website can be accessed by visitors who convert to customers.
  • A Money-back Guarantee: If you are un-happy with your web hosting service, most companies offer a 14 to 90-day money-back warranty.
Automatic website backups

Look for hosting companies that offer the ability to automatically or manually backup your website so that you can protect your content.

Hosting plans with cPanel Access usually include the ability to backup website files or the database at any moment.

6. 24/7 Support

Websites can go down at any time of the day. It is essential to ensure that your host’s support team is always available for you.

Your web hosting company must be available 24/7/365.

Companies that offer phone support, live chat, and ticket options will provide the best service.

You can get beneficial support

Support is not always the same. Many hosts will tell you that you should hire a developer whenever a problem occurs.

InMotion Hosting has support specialists located in the United States. They have received over 160 hours of training on WordPress, WPCLI, Linux. NGINX, Fail2ban and all other topics.

A host should offer self-service support options such as an in depth knowledge base.

The knowledge base includes articles that will cover all aspects of your shared hosting plan as well as WordPress installation.

7. Multiple layers of Security

Apart from SSL certificates, shared hosting providers should offer many ways to protect your website’s visitors and keep them safe.

These are some examples to help you compare security options when looking at shared hosting plans.

  • SSL certificates and cPanel accessibility are available for free
  • Access via SSH
  • Security scanning to protect against malware and hackers
  • DDoS attack prevention to stop site performance problems or site downtime.
  • Secured Data Centers protect your business data.
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