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Game streaming has quickly become one of the most sought-after methods of earning money online. It’s a challenge to figure out where to begin. Amazon’s Twitch is the most popular, and several

alternatives are legitimate. In July, Microsoft’s Mixer was shut down and made YouTube

Gaming is one of the few

other options if you are attentive in giving it a go. This guide will

demonstrate how to create your channel and connect to the camera.

Create your channel

YouTube Gaming has been around in various forms over

time, however more recently, it is an alternative tab within the standard

YouTube interface. In our case, this means that you don’t have to download any

additional applications to stream. If you’ve got an existing YouTube account

(linked directly to the Google account) and a YouTube account, you have

everything you require.

You’ll need to confirm your YouTube account before you

begin. Go to this page when you’re logged in. You have to enter a

code sent by text message or call. Enter the Code, and then your account is

confirmed. Along with permitting live stream, it will allow you to upload videos longer than 15

minutes long, add custom thumbnails for your videos and even appeal claims for

Content ID claims if needed.

Create your TV station

After that, you’ll need to start getting your broadcasting software in place. There are several alternatives;

however, we’ll use the Streamlabs OBS for this tutorial because it’s a more

a user-friendly and robust device for streaming your games. While certain

features, such as the ability to stream across multiple devices simultaneously,

are only available to users with the application’s Prime

subscription, it’s robust enough to

handle the majority of the tasks you’ll need to accomplish.

Following you have installed the app and logged in to

your account on streaming, and you’ll be able to begin making scenes. Scenes

within Streamlabs is a particular arrangement of sources you will broadcast to

your viewers. When you create multiple scenes, you’ll avoid the trouble of

re-building an entire source collection each time you launch streaming.

For instance, you could use one channel for a standard stream of games, another for socializing, and another for a

specific set-up if you are hosting an event for fundraising or any other

reason. Similar to how Discord operates with several channels.

A typical game can comprise your game and a camera feed.

However, you can include subscribing alerts, goal counters overlays, and much

more. Streamlabs employs a layering system that allows you to layer elements

over each other, and each can be adjusted and changed in real-time. If you

discover the webcam’s feed covers the most critical aspect of your game, You

can either move it or alter the size.

You’ll also find a list of audio inputs in the section

Mixer. This includes your computer’s audio and all microphones that you connect to. If you plug in any components with audio componentry, it will be listed in this section. You can change the volume levels of their parts to ensure that your presentation is clean.

For instance, Streamlabs includes an Alertbox widget that

will display an alert whenever you receive new followers, a donation, or a

subscription. They typically make a sound, and you can adjust down the volume

of these to ensure they don’t drown out your stream’s audio.

When is the best time to begin streaming

When you’ve got the scene that’s to your taste, It’s time

to broadcast live. Streamlabs publishes on Twitch and YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming. If you are a subscriber to Streamlabs Prime, you can post to all three simultaneously.

To begin streaming, you need to click on the red “Go Live” button located at the lower right of your


Image credit: Streamlabs

Before you can stream, you’ll need to fill in some basic

information regarding the stream you’re planning to stream. YouTube Gaming will

have you provide the stream’s name, along with an introductory description. You

can also include the stream in the existing stream if there is one.

You can also connect with your account on Twitter to send

out a tweet to notify the followers of your account that you’re streaming live.

This is particularly useful for those who follow you on Twitter who aren’t

receiving notifications on the streaming platform of your choice.

After you have gone live and started streaming, the chat

window located on the right-hand left Streamlabs will open. It will allow you

to monitor the chat stream and filter out the messages and annoying trolling

that pop through. If you own a secondary monitor, It’s usually recommended to have this app open during your stream so that you can spot any issues and address the problems quickly once you’re in life.

Earn Money

Because YouTube streams are monetized, YouTube streams

are linked to your regular YouTube account the exact requirements for

activating the monetization options are applicable. Your channel must be a part

of YouTube’s YouTube Partner Program. This means that you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewing hours over the over twelve months and have a thorough evaluation from YouTube staff.

When you’ve reached the point where you can allow ads on

your stream, such as pre-rolling advertisements before someone is watching your

channel, middle-roll advertisements that interrupt the stream, and overlay ads that appear

as banners. All of them will bring in revenues. For gaming channels, you can

also, add the track to be a member, which allows your subscribers to pay a fee

per month to enjoy perks that you hand out (non-gaming channels have to count

Thirty thousand subscribers to gain access to these features).

For gaming-related content, there are some

limitations regarding the type of content that can be made monetizable. Some game publishers will prohibit streamers from making money from their games, specifically in the case of nothing more than games. In general, you must take the following steps to ensure sure your stream is suitable for monetization.

Create something transformational for your stream. This commonly

includes using a webcam. However, it could also play audio commentary. The

commentary must be able to relate to the contents of your screen. Off-topic

conversations are nuanced. However, you could be removed from the market if you

add an audio file from your Game

of Thrones opinions on

footage from Valorous. Also, if most of the video shows you playing the game silently without a camera, you could be flagged.

You can play games on an active license to broadcast. Many publishers

allow or encourage gamers to stream their games; however, some don’t. They

might want to avoid spoilers or want other people to commercialize their game.

YouTube adheres to this policy by preventing monetization of games for which the publishers haven’t granted a license for commercial use. Although most popular games are generally safe, you must conduct a quick search before streaming.

With this information to think about, you’re all set to

stream! YouTube Gaming mainly allows you to expand your existing YouTube

account, connect with a community, and grow your following. If you are in look

an alternative to Twitch alternative, this is an ideal place to begin.

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