4 Updates To Google Ads Performance Planner

Google Ads Performance Planner gets improved with more information and can forecast different campaigns simultaneously.

The Performance Planner tool for Google Ads receives four improvements to assist users in planning several ads, implementing informed decisions, and more.

Performance Planner was designed to ease the process of preparing campaigns by providing information on the impact of specific changes on critical indicators’ performance.

You can use Performance Planner to estimate clicks, conversions, and the conversion rates for Search Shopping Display, App, and Local campaigns.

With the latest updates available, you will achieve other things by using this tool.

It’s now possible to include previously not eligible Google Ads ads to the performance plan, learn why Google has recommended specific changes, calculate secondary metrics, and more.

Find out more about the latest abilities available in Google Ads Performance Planner in the next section.

What’s New In Google Ads Performance Planner?

The latest changes in Google Ads Performance Planner will enable you to:

  1. Add additional campaigns The previously ineligible movements can add to the account by utilizing past performance data or by incorporating manual forecasts for the entire account. This includes deleted campaigns that have been in operation longer than ten days or are in draft status.
  2. Learn the recommendations: Google will provide more specific suggestions in a brand new column titled “suggested changes.”
  3. Secondary metrics Learn about the effect of any changes to your campaigns beyond the most critical metrics. For instance, if you devise a plan to boost conversions, you could add a column to show the impact of changes on clicks.
  4. Choose a period Choose a historic conversations rate from a particular time frame to provide an exact estimation of what you can expect from the period you’re employing in your strategy.
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