How To Manage Your Time Effectively

Effectively managing your time is a skill every business owner needs to master to run their business efficiently.

Reviewing your business’s structure and breaking it down into four distinct sections (sales marketing, sales, actions, and appointments), each requires your attention and energy. Applying organization techniques will ensure that your company and you run at the highest level.

* Sales In sales, I have contacts I have to reach out to and clients I may need to talk to. In addition, I devote 3 hours every day looking after new or returning customers. In this way, you’ll earn more revenue because you’re focused exclusively on sales.

Marketing: It’s a skill you should be working on continuously. If you can do this in conjunction with focusing on sales, you’ll be able to take advantage of more opportunities, which leads to more sales. This, in turn, creates more cash and profits, and your business will expand.

* Actions: You now have to dedicate an hour to things to do. What are the tasks you’ll need to accomplish? If you believe you require longer than an hour to complete your activities, this is the time to delegate. You can empower your tasks so that you can use your time more efficiently.

“Appointments.” Now take a look at your appointments. For instance, you can allocate 2 hours per day to appointments, whether they’re phone calls, video conferences, or in-person meetings. It’s possible to find yourself in a position where you cannot make the appointment, but this is no reason to stop doing your marketing, sales, or actions. It’s time to get out of the mindset of trying to handle everything on your own. You may also need to shift a meeting to another time so you can delegate or complete other tasks, and that’s fine.


It is essential to establish an organization for meetings to ensure that your team and you can talk about various subjects at scheduled meetings on specific dates. Choose five crucial drivers for your company, including design marketing, sales, and more. Write the details down. Set the time for a meeting with your team or yourself to go over each one. You have five working days per single week. Therefore, you could do one per day. It is essential to revisit the topics you’ve been discussing on those days and make sure that you’re using a proper plan for your meetings to avoid getting asked about different subjects every 5 seconds. If you organize your time and energy on various topics into specific sessions to discuss the issues, you’ll not be feeling overwhelmed and disorganized. While doing this, your employees will feel confident as they’ll know where they’re going and won’t need to pester you every 5 minutes.


Business travel can consume lots of time. It’s crucial to think about whether it’s worthwhile and how you can manage it. If your customer or potential clients are more significant than you are, visit them. If you’ve got an opportunity to connect with a potential client, then you should contact them. If they’re less successful, and perhaps they’d like to talk with you, they may be interested in meeting you as they may be more valuable to your meeting than are. It’s not a matter of arrogance, but rather, look at who will be able to gain from the project or undertaking.

If you must travel for business, you must find an opportunity to complete work in the process. For suppose, if you have a scheduled meeting that requires driving, ensure that you can make calls to clients from your car. If you’re flying or taking trains, there might be work that you can perform with your laptop when you’re not able to get an internet connection or do work online.

Also, if you’re going to meet anyone, make sure you arrange it to allow you to attend multiple meetings. There’s a possibility to meet a prospective client or client in the vicinity of the location of your session that will make the journey more productive. It’s crucial that when traveling that you make every opportunity worth your while. It is essential to close the deals or the business, especially if you’re planning to invest lots of time and money in these endeavors.

Rabbits And Elephants

My client, a real estate investor, recently said that he was having a hard time finishing deals. He wasted too much time in each possible deal that waited for a long time before seeing any revenue. I told him this was due to him waiting for the big elephant in the last rainbow that was likely to be a massive elephant of cash, in contrast to snatching rabbits in the process. Rabbits are a tiny purchase that provides you with food every day and will get you through until the next day, while the elephant can be a significant deal that can take longer to reach. It is essential to have both rabbits and elephants since only chasing elephants may cause you to be hungry.

Time Wasters

You should ensure that you aren’t wasting your time. Remove items or people who consume your time and don’t offer you any value. If you’re spending 5 hours every day binge-watching a television series or soap operas or engaging in video gaming, you should stop the habit. Instead, focus on building your wealth and achieving achievement.


My request to you is that I would like you to record the things you do in your time over the next seven days. Divide your day into 30-minute increments, and record how productive you were during each of them. I suggest using Microsoft Outlook or a calendar feature in any of your apps to keep track of each 30-minute increment. When you know which segments of time are most productive, you’ll be able to determine the areas you should be focusing on those time-saving strategies.

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