How To Do Content Curation For SEO

Do you need to develop new ways to share your content? Find out how to use the most popular content on the web for sources of inspiration.

A long-standing aphorism is used in academia to constantly describe the need to release new research or risk sinking into obscurity. Disappear. While the exact meaning may not be well-known but the purpose is.

Every day there’s an abundance of fresh content being sent out to the world at an incredible pace. As the year’s progress, marketers need to update their content or risk maintaining their presence online regularly.

With all the new content that’s more difficult than ever before for companies to be noticed. Readers are left to sort through all the content to find the best content.

This is the point where content curation comes into play. It adds value to the content of others who have published previously.

Content curation allows you to continually provide relevant and valuable information to your target audience without adhering to the “publish or perish” mindset.

In this post, you’ll know how to begin using content curation to reap the maximum SEO advantages. Before we go on an in-depth look at the details of is content curation.

What Is Content Curation?

The process involves locating and compiling existing content about subjects related to your industry or particular niche.

Put: you convert the content you have already produced (by you or someone else) into a new work of art.

To top it off, content curation is only effective when you add your own opinions on the content. Give your viewers the reason to enjoy your curation (and return) rather than another’s.

What can this do to you in your SEO efforts?

A well-planned content curation plan can add value for the readers, leading to hyperlinks, social shares, and eventually, better rankings.

For an excellent example of the outcomes that one carefully curated piece of content can produce, take a look at this sample: Top 16 Websites to Find Perfect memes, GIFs, and GIFs.

Naturally, the article lists the best sites to search for GIFs as well as memes. It’s a great topic that is posted and linked to quickly according to these Ahrefs figures:

Factors For Content Curation Success

Let’s discuss and talk about the elements that ensure that content curation is a success.

What is required to be successful in the field of content curation?

You must:

  • Be aware of your target audience.
  • Value add.
  • Get inspiration from the things that have been done in the past.
  • Try your hand at curating your content.

Know Your Audience

To strike that perfect chord to your target audience, you must know the person they are and what motivates them.

If not, it is challenging to select the most appropriate material for curation.

Add Value

The purpose of curation is to add value by accumulating content and organizing it.

How you go about doing this should be helpful to your audience.

If, for instance, you’ve put together an inventory of the most futuristic electric vehicles in 2022, describe the things you like about the cars and also what you don’t. Link to the manufacturer’s promotional videos review, crash tests, reviews, and tips for staying current about their upcoming launches.

Take Inspiration From What is Worked In The Past

Once you’ve identified your target audience’s sweet spot, you can concentrate on creating the perfect content for them.

Benchmark Your Google Search and Shopping Results

Check out Your CPCs, CTRs & more with the industry. Find out how your CVR AOV, bounce rate, and the other KPIs compare. Compare the performance of every channel.

Find out what has worked in the past for other people by using platforms like:

  • Reddit.
  • Facebook.
  • GrowthHackers.
  • BuzzSumo.
  • Twitter.
  • Slack communities.
  • Discord communities.
  • HackerNews.
  • Slashdot.

There’s no need to invent the wheel. Consider both your field and outside of it. It is possible to cross-language. Can make a similar content piece using the language of another.

Do not blatantly copy others’ content, but you can be inspired by successful curated content from other marketplaces.

Test Your Curated Content

Try different content formats (like visuals, articles, podcasts, and videos) and try other curation methods.

Determine what resonates with your target audience.

Try to fail quickly. The next time, try something new!

Why So Serious?

Remember, “valuable content” doesn’t need to be a severe type of content.

Take the ” Try Not to Laugh Challenge” by FailArmy, for instance. It has over 92 million views with 478,000 thumbs-up, 15,000 comments, and four21 hyperlinks from 191 referred domains.

What’s hilarious? Amid all the laughter, there’s a high-quality content curation!

Content Curation Tactics

This is the part that’s the most enjoyable of all: focusing on the most effective angles for the duration of content, something you can do yourself once you’ve finished reading this article.

1. Aggregating: Events Or Articles

It is not everyone’s time to keep an of their Twitter feed or Facebook’s news feed. Newsletters and RSS feed that are coming in.

Consolidating information in an easy-to-read format is an excellent illustration of curating.

This kind of curation applies to any subject matter, and I urge you to remain open to all media such as newsletters, blog articles, information graphics, podcasts, and videos. It is also common to mix the two.

Some examples:

  • Every Monday, Google News that You can Utilize Marie Haynes diligently covers what has happened in the SEO area.
  • Kevin Indig’s Growth Memo newsletter: Kevin Indig’s weekly newsletter highlights noteworthy events and cases research from in the SEO and the Growth scene that Kevin discusses.
  • There is no one format for curating content. Take, for instance, the Search Engine Journal podcast that summarises what’s happened recently in the world of search. 2. Synthesizing: Reducing Long, difficult Information To A Digestible Format.

More people do not have the time or the energy to sift through long, intricate documents.

A few people want the quick fix without the stress of having to write them down themselves.

If you give them these, you’ll be able to create value.


  • When NerdWallet made their S-1 which many would think is boring, Tom Critchlow analyzed its content and offered exciting conclusions from the perspective.
  • Bill Slawski has been known to go through Google patents, providing him with insight into Google’s direction. Are you interested in reading through this complicated and difficult-to-read patent or going through this simple version in which Slawski explains his theories about these patents?
  • Lululemon Athletica’s Growth Study writer pulled out all the stops and did numerous hours of research to discover the factors that led to Lululemon being so popular. This study isn’t just filled with helpful information; it also looks appealing due to the numerous photographs and images. There’s still plenty of details, but the way it’s laid out makes it accessible. 3. Curating Survey Results

Another example of curation of content is to conduct surveys and then collect their results.

The survey results are taken and turning them into valuable information for your readers.


  • SEO-related price surveys like those conducted by Credo and Growth Ramp and the Search Engine Journal’s salary report.
  • A survey I ran on Reddit in which I surveyed members of the BigSEO Reddit community about their top SEO failures. 4. Visual: Images

Visually curated content is worthy of its category because it appeals to the audience differently.

It’s easy to digest and highly accessible to share and link.


  • The Globe’s The Big Picture — A selection of photographs taken by Globe staff organized by month.
  • Thirty-five unique tiny homes from all over the globe from Insider.
  • Recipe boxes of 58 homemade meal kits and cook-at-home meals from EveningStandard.
  • 24 Photos of the World’s Most Beautiful Designed Homes by the Business Insider.
  • The most stunning travel destinations A collection of the most incredible destinations for travel, well-organized on Pinterest. 5. Statistics: Curating Large Datasets

Converting large amounts of data into usable statistics can provide a lot of value.

It is often a considerable investment, but it also makes it difficult to replicate.


  • Glassdoor Learn about the work environment for various companies and the wages that employees earn there.
  • Number Find out the cost of living in different nations and how these compare with one another. 6. Expert Roundups

You’ve probably heard of experienced expert rounds before. Many people are tired of these, but I’m still finding expert roundups that are well-written and executed out there.

It is essential to concentrate them on a specific area and not include experts from all over.

If you’ve read the 12 opinions of the subject, you have read enough.

Here’s an example of an expertly-crafted roundup:

15 SEO Experts Share Their Tips & Thoughts for Newbies

  • It’s not a vast list of opinions of experts that nobody will go through. Quality is more important than quantity!
  • The roundup delivers precisely what you’d imagine: give helpful tips for novices.
  • Each expert’s view is accompanied by a picture, name, and the company’s name. Experts’ Twitter profiles are linked too. This puts them in the spot-light and gives them an incentive to promote the tweet.
  • What Will Make Me Want to Like It More? Include the index to experts at the end of the text.
  1. Tools

Tools are an excellent option in the realm of curation of content. There’s a tool you may not have heard of:

It’s elementary to make use of.

It also links to useful websites.

  1. Distilling: Turning Huge Amounts Of Information Into A Digestible List

You’re probably familiar with this format, as well. A common form used here can be ” $randomAmount Digital Marketing tools you can’t live without in $year.”

They’re identical to the web itself, and it’s challenging to make a mark using a list-style edited content piece. It takes more imagination and work. It’s certainly possible.

The top electric cars of 2021 UK The best electric cars of 2021 UK: our selection of the full EVs.

  • It’s also visually appealing and straightforward to read. It’s important to note that. When you read about cars, it is essential to see top-quality photos.
  • It’s simple to navigate, and it also provides reviews for each vehicle.
  • It also provides information on specific incentives when buying cars, which shows the experts of the authors.

Content Curation Tools

The most important source of content curation is you. However, some tools can make this task simpler.

RSS Feed Managers

  • Feedly.

Tools to Keep Track of Textual Content

  • Pocket.
  • Refind.
  • Flipboard.

Tools to Keep Track of Visual Content

  • Pinterest.
  • Substack.

Tools to locate popular content

  • BuzzSumo (freemium).
  • Anders Pink (freemium).

Now Go & Promote Your Curated Content

Curated content pieces also require promotion to reach their target audience.

You can put together the most valuable content, but it will never be seen if nobody notices it. Time is the currency; therefore, should you not promote the content you have curated, you’ll throw money away.

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