Former Google Engineers Sue Company Alleging Slander And Breach Of Contract

Three former Google engineers–Rebecca Rivers, Sophie Waldman, and Paul Duke–are using the search engine for the slander of their employer or breach of contract and termination that violates public policy. The lawsuit, filed Tuesday at Santa Clara County, comes two years after they were dismissed.

Rivers, Waldman, and Duke, were fired in November of 2019 after months of publically protesting Google policies which included its “intent to sign an agreement in cooperation with Trump administration’s Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) & Immigration & Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) . . . They believed that they were accountable, e.g., the separation of kids from parents and ‘caging’ immigrants illegally detaining refugees, and taking part in human rights-related causes,” according to the lawsuit. Another employee who was fired in the same period, Laurence Berland, settled with Google independently and is not a plaintiff in the suit.

Google stated during the dismissals they believed that employees of the Thanksgiving Four were fired for “clear and repeated violations of our data-security policies,” and also that they were involved in a “systematic search for documents and other employee’s work”–allegations which the employees contest. They claim that the Google employees are part of the hundreds of tech professionals in their teens who are increasingly vocal regarding their employers’ positions regarding diversity, hiring, and social justice. Variety diverse other topics, ranging from working for governments to policies regarding matters of geopolitics like the censorship of China. The employees have taken on management decisions in Apple, Facebook and Netflix, and other companies.

The slander claim in the lawsuit of three former Google employees suit is filed by former employee Rebecca Rivers. The lawsuit names senior vice president for global relations at Google Kent Walker and vice head for global security Chris Rackow, asserting that they made “statements internally to all Google employees internationally, and caused to be repeated externally through the media, false and misleading statements regarding Plaintiff Rivers.” Walker and Rackow’s comments in the press “caused significant damage to Rivers’ reputation and ability to become gainfully employed,” the lawsuit claims. Google did’t immediately respond to a request for comments for the sake of both companies as well as the two executives.

A few Google employees have suggested that their dismissal from Thanksgiving Four was their method of preventing organization. Still, the move did not do much to soothe the agitated employees. In January, around 400 Google employees announced that they had formed a union. The union is known as”the Alphabet Workers Union. The organization claims to have over 800 members.

The lawsuit was initiated through Laurie Burgess, an attorney representing ex-K Netflix employees Terra Field and B. Pagels-Minor. Both of them protested against the decision of the streaming company to show Dave Chapelle’s comedic Episode, The Closer. The trans community and its allies have stated that the show’s 72 minutes contain transphobic material that encourages bigotry.

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